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Asking Terry Collins the ‘Tough’ Questions

This is what it sounded like during Terry Collins’s postgame press conference Sunday, where the primary subject was the status of Jose Reyes and Daniel Murphy [1]:

“Terry, have you ever seen this many injuries on one team?”

“Terry, this is tough, isn’t it?”

“Terry, can you believe how many injuries your team has had?”

“Terry, your team has had to overcome a lot of injuries. How are you going to overcome these?”

“Terry, aren’t these injuries tough?”

“Terry, your team is going to have to regroup. They’ve done it before, but can they do it again? It’s really going to be tough, isn’t it?”

“Terry, so many injuries — have you ever seen anything like this?”

“Terry, you’ve had to keep your team together through a lot of tough injuries. Now you’re going to have to do it again. How will you do that? It’s gotta be tough.”

“Terry, you’ve lost some of your key players before, and now you’ve lost two more — and you lost a tough game [2]. Is it tough?”

“Terry, the injuries…have you ever seen anything like them and where do you go from there?”

I’m not sure what else there was to ask, but I do know there was no chance there’d be any answer beyond some version of, “No, I haven’t seen this many injuries; yes, this is tough; we’ll have to see what happens next.”

So I’m not sure why the same essential question needed to be asked over and over. It’s just what those guys do, I guess. Then they ran to David Wright’s locker and repeated the exercise.

Best to Jose and Daniel for speedy recoveries. Best to Terry on figuring out how to get through the rest of the season with a continually depleted roster. And to those who cover the team, good luck coming up with a second-day angle — you can start by not asking everybody else if they’ve ever seen anything like this.

You know damn well they haven’t.