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What was fun: watching Jose Reyes hit, hit and hit again. Ryan Braun later followed Jose Jose Jose Jose’s three-hit performance with a pinch-hit double, but with two days to go Jose’s .334 is a whisker of an eyelash above Braun’s .334, or at least so says ESPN.

What was less fun: watching Jose Reyes go too far around second base and get tagged out. D’oh.

Also less fun: Chris Heisey robbing David Wright and smashing a fatal home run [1]. Terry Collins’ obsession with the bunt and Nick Evans’ inability to get down a component one conspiring to short-circuit a promising ninth-inning rally. Dusty Baker winning. Chris Schwinden’s awkward wind and chuck on every pitch. All those empty seats. I wanted to grab this game and hold it close, but it took forever and was mostly indifferently played, and I found myself yo-yoing madly back and forth between wanting it to slow down and wanting someone to get on with it already.

Really less fun: Realizing we’re already a backwater. The Red Sox and Rays are staring each other in the face with two games to go. The Cardinals almost caught the Braves before being tripped up by the spoilerific Astros. It’s exciting stuff, with Ozzie Guillen getting traded to the Marlins as a sideshow. Very soon, the bright lights will come up and the only Mets you’ll see will be on the wrong end of the highlights.

We’ve known it’s coming for a while. But it doesn’t make it any easier to take.