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Best Team Song That Isn’t ‘Meet The Mets’

How great is “D-O-D-G-E-R-S (Oh Really? No, O’Malley)”? So great that Danny Kaye could almost be forgiven for, in 1962, glorifying a treacherous, greedy franchise five years after it eternally wounded Brooklyn’s soul. We will be rooting against the descendants of those Flatbush refugees for the next four nights, but any excuse to listen to this s-o-n-g is a g-o-o-d o-n-e.

Kaye’s masterpiece defies precise parody, and we don’t generally do series previews, but an homage doesn’t seem out of line here as we wait (and wait) for ten o’clock.


So I say D
I say D-O

Let’s beat L.A.!


Matt Kemp
Matt Kemp
On the DL!

We’ll say that’s OK…

Is their ex-Met
Pitching well
He sure showed us

And we’ll send Young
With the same name
To take him on tonight

When you have to choose a Chris
Be sure you do it right…

At the beginning of the season
There was hardly any reason
To doubt the Dodgers’ might

But they’re falling apart
From their awesome start
Gads, what a beautiful sight!

First-place L.A.
Has slipped into a tie

Their ERA stays low
Their hitting’s barely nigh

Everyone’s achin’
And not just Matt
Ethier pulled somethin’
They’re sans Andre’s bat

We’ve got our guys
Mostly in good trim
Except for our closer
What became of him?

Frank Francisco…
Is on the disabled list!

Dee Gordon steals
A.J. Ellis makes few outs
Kenley Jansen takes his saves
Leaves hardly any doubts

Yet they’ve lost
Lost their big lead
After losing eight of nine

If they lose
Twelve of thirteen
The Mets would think that’s fine

R.A. in L.A.
Will put ’em away
When he authors chapter two

He’ll face Aaron Harang
Harang’ll harumph
For prob’ly a month
As R.A.’s victims do

Johan is next
Against Nathan Eovaldi…

Versus Nathan
To be frank…
I expect a rally

Put some mustard on it, Johan!

Come Sunday night
Gee takes the ball
Against reigning Cy Young
Clayton Kershaw

You can’t win ’em all
So goes the old saw

But maybe we will!
Or maybe we won’t!
In Los Angeles…
At Los Angeles…

Can you believe we scored seventeen runs yesterday?