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All-Farce Starting Lineup

I guess I should be more up in Panda arms over David Wright not starting the All-Star Game [1] despite his being not just a better all-around third baseman but probably a better cuddly zoo animal than Pablo Sandoval, yet given the system that produced this silly result, it’s funnier than it is an outrage. David Wright is all-world in 2012 (.355/.449/.564) and a candidate for both MVP and Comeback Player of the Year (if Johan Santana doesn’t win the latter and R.A. Dickey capture the former). Pablo Sandoval is all-nickname and has a momentarily rabid fan base behind him, one that likes hitting “send” a lot. Sure you could get outraged, but why anger at something so clearly farcical? David will show up, be the great team man he always is, enter the game when he is needed and probably get a couple of hits to secure the Mets home-field advantage in the World Series.

Congratulations to the National League for knowing enough to notice it has one of the best third basemen of the past quarter-century in its midst and tap him as a reserve. And same regarding R.A., who should not start the game only if he takes a vow of solidarity to sit with David for a couple of innings. Would have been nice if Johan could be there, but the pitching staff is crowded and he could always use his rest.

Parochial view, but it also has the benefit of truth to it.