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No-Hitter Paraphernalia Sale Continues

They sold the jerseys [1], they sold the dirt [2], they sold replicas of the tickets they didn’t sell [3]…the Mets were so anxious to cash in on Johan Santana’s no-hitter that they even put the game-used shortstop up for sale! Didn’t necessarily think there’d be any takers, but the Orioles just had to have a piece of history and asked the Mets how much it would take to install Omar Quintanilla at Camden Yards as a reminder of that historic night at Citi Field. The answer was “cash considerations,” and the Orioles agreed. Now, seven weeks after the blessed event, one-tenth of the players [4] who secured the First No-Hitter In New York Mets History have been shipped to Baltimore [5].

Is nothing sacred?