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Jason Bay’s Letter Home from Camp

Dear Mom & Dad,

Things are going OK at baseball camp, I guess. We just finished playing the kids from Camp Diamondback and we did pretty good. We played four games and won two which is better than we’ve done in a while.

A bunch of the kids on our team did real good. That kid Robert Allen who uses all the big words won a ribbon for throwing a lot of strikeouts on Sunday [1]. That kid David who’s kind of a kiss-ass but is basically a good guy won a ribbon for driving in a run. That kid Daniel won a ribbon for getting more hits. That kid Ike won a special ribbon for all the home runs he hit the other day. That kid Ruben got the “Catch of the Week” ribbon as they call it. That kid Kirk got a haircut and went home. That kid Scott may be going to another camp for the rest of the summer but he’s still here and still getting ribbons for being a righty. That kid Tim hasn’t had any more fights with anybody, not even that kid Josh who the counselors don’t really trust but let play a lot (probably because they couldn’t find anybody else to take his place). That new kid Matt I told you about in my last letter hasn’t won any more ribbons since Thursday but they gave him a pretty big one anyway.

I got another “participant” ribbon which I am enclosing so you can put it with my “attendance” ribbon, my “effort” ribbon, the doctor’s note that says I’m OK and the letter from Coach Terry saying how much he and Head Counselor Sandy and all the other campers like me. Maybe I’ll get one of the other kinds of ribbons before camp is over. Or maybe not.

We’re gonna play the kids from Camp Giant next. I’ll let you know if anything happens. It probably won’t, but you never know. Maybe I shoulda stuck with hockey camp.

See you soon,


P.S. I forgot to tell you…I GOT A WALK!!!