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Eavesdrop on These Guys

If you’re familiar with Faith and Fear’s origins story, you know Jason and I “met” on an America Online board approximately 18½ years ago (a time frame not to be confused with nearly two decades, because that would be a chronological impossibility, for crissake) and we took off for Shea Stadium [1] and points unknown from there. That forum was our equivalent of Ted Baxter’s “5,000-watt radio station in Fresno, California,” a city that happens to have been another fortuitous Met breeding ground, come to think of it.

All this time later, there’s suddenly more Mets talk bubbling up from our mid-’90s electronic stomping grounds. I recently heard from one of our old AOL compatriots who let me know he and another fellow from what we’ll call back in the day have caught the orange & blue blogging fever. James Preller (a children’s author [2] whose work boasts at least a partial baseball bent [3]) and Michael Geus call their site, appropriately enough, 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball [4]. It’s, well, two guys talking Mets baseball, in case the name didn’t give it away. They talk about it with depth and passion and are a welcome addition to the Metsosphere in my book and among my bookmarks. Give their conversation a listen sometimes.

And if you were planning on listening to/participating in the baseball talk at the Hope Shines For Shannon [5] dinner, the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy has forced the rescheduling of this worthwhile event for November 29. More information here [6] — and a great story on Shannon Forde’s indefatigable spirit from Bob Klapisch here [7].