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Who’da Thunk It? (We’da Thunk It)

Lousy team rebuilds, is mostly lousy while rebuilding.

Organization has few resources available, all of which have been preserved for theoretical future allocation.

Ownership group — never considered a franchise strong suit — remains somewhere between inept and abominable.

Unproven players prove mostly inadequate.

Manager and coaches haven’t made any of it materially better, yet can’t quite be held accountable for how much worse it’s gotten given the plethora of inadequacies surrounding them.

Front office demonstrates no knack for short-term improvement, but perhaps will live up to its advance notices in the long term.

Robust crowds don’t materialize to take it all in.

Yet we continue to love and identify with the concept of this thing if not exactly this thing as presently constituted/unraveled.

First pitch, 7:10 PM. But you already knew that.

Better Mets times, even in technically lesser Mets seasons, really did happen. You can read about them here [1]. Makes a great gift [2] for the enablee in your life.