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Super Wednesday Ahead!

What some called Super Tuesday worked out pretty well [1], eh? So let’s look ahead just a bit to Super Wednesday, one week from tonight. Can’t promise you Harvey and Wheeler (or either of them, probably), but it looks to be a pretty super evening nonetheless.

On Wednesday June 26 at 7 PM, I’ll be joining Jay Goldberg at Manhattan’s Bergino Baseball Clubhouse [2], 67 E. 11th St., between Broadway and University Place (conveniently located just south of Union Square), to discuss The Happiest Recap. If you don’t know Bergino, get yourself acquainted by coming on down. Its vibe is best described as part Cooperstown, part Polo Grounds, part Shea, all National Pastime. Jay’s a terrific guy, he’s got some incredible, one-of-a-kind items and I’m honored that he’s hosting this discussion of Mets history.

The_Happiest_Recap-__Cover_for_Kindle [3]If you don’t yet know The Happiest Recap [4], consider a Super day like Tuesday. One ace overpowers a division rival in the afternoon, another ace (albeit one in training) sets the night to music with a resounding performance of his own, we’re floating on air for 24 hours after…maybe longer. That’s The Happiest Recap in the most contemporary terms possible. It’s the Mets’ greatest games, the era they were played in, the circumstances surrounding them, the people who made them happen. It’s 500-plus tales of the Mets at their best and sometimes overcoming their worst. It’s the championship years, the striving years, the stumbling years, too, but that’s OK, because there are always at least a few Super Tuesdays in every Mets season. These are the games you’ll always remember and the games you’ll be glad you finally met.

I’ll have copies of the first volume, First Base: 1962-1973, on hand, will discuss the forthcoming Second Base: 1974-1986 and anything else you’re interested in. And when we’re done with the talking and signing and whatnot, Jay is graciously keeping the lights on so we can gather round and watch the Mets take on the White Sox live from the South Side of Chicago at 8 o’clock.

If those aren’t the makings of a Super Wednesday in 2013, I don’t know what is. Hope to see you there!