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Your Wishes Come True

I wish the Mets weren’t already out of the pennant race.
They’re not. They’re two games out.

I wish the Mets weren’t always getting their brains beaten in by the Washington Nationals.
They haven’t. They’ve split eight games this season thus far, winning the one last night [1].

I wish the Mets weren’t always falling apart after the All-Star break.
They aren’t. They’re two and three and have a chance for a .500 trip.

I wish the Mets didn’t have to rely on total deadwood coming off their bench.
They didn’t, at least last night. Eric Campbell [2], who, granted, isn’t much of a player, got a huge pinch-hit to key Tuesday’s 7-2 win.

I wish for once that when the Mets take a tenuous lead that they could maybe add on to it.
They did. They tacked on four in the ninth to put last night’s game out of reach.

I wish the bullpen wasn’t always blowing it.
It isn’t. After Jacob deGrom [3] threw his usual sparkling start, Jenrry Mejia [4] and Bobby Parnell [5] provided a solid bridge to Jeurys Familia [6]. Both of them have been mostly terrific since returning.

I wish Terry wasn’t using Alex Torres [7] every frigging night.
He isn’t. Alex Torres didn’t pitch last night.

I wish the Mets wouldn’t lose every close game they’re in.
They don’t. Not only did they pull away at the end last night but they pulled out an eighteen-inning nailbiter on Sunday [8]. It was by no means aesthetically beautiful, but they did wind up with more runs than the Cardinals, which has to count for something. It does actually. It counts for a win.

I wish the Mets could play a meaningful game in late July.
They are. The game today is as big as any as they’ve played in seven years. Win it and they’re just one game out.

I wish the Mets wouldn’t be doomed if they lose the rubber game against the Nats.
They won’t be. Even a loss would put them only three back with more than two months to go. By not being swept, at the very minimum they stay afloat. They have a chance to do much more.

I wish the Mets would go out and get somebody.
Me too. They still might. I’m not holding my breath, but the trading deadline is nine days away and supposedly they’re talking to people. It’s not like anybody else has already made a deal since the break.

I wish the Mets would give me nothing to complain about.
No you don’t.