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Sandy Traderson

We love our Mets so much we can’t wait to replace as many as of them as is viable. Sandy Alderson apparently feels the same way.

No complaints here.

After patching together a roster with masking tape, postage stamp hinges and remainders from fractions homework, the GM has stayed busier than a jaded observer would have expected. Add to Michael Conforto [1], Kelly Johnson [2], Juan Uribe [3] and Yutz the Wonder Buffalo [4] (just seeing if you’re paying attention) the notorious T.L.C., a.k.a. Tyler Lee Clippard [5], infamous for beating the Mets as a Yankee eight years ago [6] and never being forgiven for it.

We’re letting bygones be bygones for now, because Tyler’s done some solid relief work since 2007, even if most of that was for the Nationals and much of was to our pre-2015 detriment. But he comes to us now, from Oakland, to help us attack Washington like a Tea Party congressional candidate. We gave up Casey Meisner [7] to acquire Clippard. If you knew who Casey Meisner was before this trade and have information that augurs future regret for us, please keep it to yourself. Once upon a time, getting Doyle Alexander [8] and Larry Anderson [9] were instrumental in springing contending teams toward playoff positions. That John Smoltz [10] and Jeff Bagwell [11] were surrendered in the process didn’t seem so bad in the moment.

In the moment we’re in now, in case you’ve forgotten, we’re two games out of first place and nine years removed from our previous postseason. Our lineup improved exponentially with the promotion of Conforto and the additions of the ex-Braves. We now lean a little on a former Yankee and National to strengthen a bullpen where Bobby Parnell [12] and Jenrry Mejia [13] are still finding their way back and Jeurys Familia [14] is most always on call. Meisner’s hypothetically marvelous days to come will have to be risked to get us where we need to go this year.

Now, maybe, another bat or glove so this race stays real? Deadline’s not till Friday. Keep the new Mets coming, Sandy. We’ll learn to love them, too.