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With Apologies to Joe Piscopo


“Let’s take a look!”

The big story — Mets 2017.
Exciting. Thrilling. Awesome!
Not very often.

Ten-game homestand.
Two straight wins!
Three straight losses.
Three more wins!

Tough opponent?
Not really! [2]

Steven Matz?
Five innings.
Terry Collins?
Seen enough.

Michael Conforto — home run!

T.J. Rivera — home run?
Not really.
Oakand A’s?
Oakland E’s!

One out, two on, T.J. up, A’s lead…
One hit, one more out, three runs in, Mets lead!

Lucas Duda?
Lucky bounce.
Ryon Healy?
Not so lucky. [3]
Get well, Ryon Healy!

Yoenis Cespedes?
“I Love New York!”
I Love Oakland more! [4]
“I Love Bob Melvin lots!”

¿Yo qué?
Misinterpreted, Yo says through a translator. [5]
Terry Collins?
“I Love Bob Melvin, too!”

Addison Reed?
Needs a rest.
Dan Iassogna?
Needs to be arrested.

Jerry Blevins?
Five outs!
Blevins’s arm?
Still on!
Trade value?
We’ll see!

Winning pitcher?
Hansel Robles!
The right direction, for a change!

Next up?
Thor bobblehead, first fifteen-thousand.
Line up?

Back to you, Brian. [6]