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Whatever They’re Doin’, It’s Workin’

Hey Brodie, whatcha doin’?
Throwing a chair [1] in a meeting with Mickey and his coaches.

Awesome! Hey Brodie, why ya throwin’ a chair?
I won’t be taking any further questions [2] at this time.

Cool! Hey Mickey, whatcha doin’?
Getting ejected [3] after Frazier did, but otherwise trying to act like everything is perfectly normal around here.

Outta sight! Hey Todd, whatcha doin’?
Getting ejected before Mickey did and maybe being a little too feisty for my and the team’s own good.

Freaky! Hey Dom, whatcha doin’?
Lashing a couple of big two-baggers — and trying to keep Frazier from getting his skull dented by Arrieta [4].

Neato! Hey Tomás, whatcha doin’?
Doubling in three runs to put us ahead and sticking my tongue out like Gene Simmons [5].

Rock on! Hey Squirrel, whatcha doin’?
Adding four more base hits to my historically impressive collection [6].

Sweet! Hey Steven, whatcha doin’?
Working out of the pen again.

Crazy! Hey Adeiny, whatcha doin’?
Making game-saving catches after Frazier got ejected.

Nifty! Hey Noah, whatcha doin’?
Giving up too many runs, but somehow lasting five as the pitcher of record on the winning side.

Wild! Hey Justin, Robert and Seth, whatcha doin’?
Not being the collective unmitigated disaster you’ve become conditioned to believe we are.

Radical! Hey Edwin, whatcha doin’?
Surviving some hard-hit balls and giving Ken Rosenthal an interview in surprisingly fluent English after I nailed down a save.

Amazin’! Hey Mets, whatcha doin’?
Winning for a change [7].

No kidding! That’s great! Hey, anybody know what the deal was with Brodie throwing that chair?
Sorry, Mr. Van Wagenen isn’t taking any further questions at this time.