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Party On, Mets

We were never explicitly invited to this so-called Wild party the League was throwing for its “in crowd,” you know. You want to say we crashed it, fine. Somebody left a back door open; we wandered through when we heard the music blasting; and nobody asked us to leave — at least not at first. If anything, we became the life of this shindig for a while. Everybody acted as if they loved having us in the middle of things. We brightened up the atmosphere for damn sure. Nobody knew who we were or what we were doing here, but everybody appeared overjoyed that we’d shown up.

Now they’re checking the guest list and noticing something’s awry. Our names aren’t on it and never were. It appears we’ve been found out and are about to be asked to leave. Suddenly, nobody’s particularly Wild about us anymore.

We don’t wanna go. We like it at the party. We love it at the party. Next to the doldrums we were stuck in before we snuck through that back door, this party is heaven. Everything we’ve been doing at this party has made us feel alive in a way we never expected we could feel at this stage of our existence. That conga line we joined — the one that snakes around the room over and over, each of us chasing the other — that’s been more fun than we could have imagined. Even when we all more or less stand in place, simply trying to be heard over the beats, just the sense that something could happen is incredibly energizing.

No wonder they call it high society.

But they’ve figured us out, that it’s not our party. Somebody’s nudged security and we’re edging to the back door from whence we came, lest it be revealed we have no business being here. God, that would be embarrassing. We could have done a better job of fitting in. We could have looked like we knew what we were doing once we got settled (the guy who led us in here turned out to be incredibly clueless [1]). We could have belonged for real. Alas, that may not be the kind of people we are deep down. Maybe we’re just not good enough for this crowd. Maybe we’re just not Wild enough [2] to keep the music playing.

We’re not all the way out, though. Let’s hang around a little while longer, for as long as we can. I understand we can’t really dance all night, but I’m not quite ready to go.