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Meet These Mets

(Presented with eternal affection [1] for the timeless creation of Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz [2])

Meet this Met
Meet that Met
Every day we meet more Mets

There’s Tommy Hunter
And his first hit [3]
There’s Khalil Lee
Who can field quite a bit [4]

Johneshwy Fargas
Roaming in center
Starting relievers
So new arms must enter


Suddenly’s a power bat
His clutch home run
Just beat the Braves [5]
Get a load of that!

Oh Pillar’s somehow jokin’ [6]
Though his nose is sadly broken [7]
Shallow in depth [8]
We cheer these Mets!

Oh Villar in the lineup
Means a dinger’s comin’ right up
Long as they win —
We’ll dig these Mets!

Wilfredo Tovar
From Twenty Fourteen [9]
Hurry south
If you please

We’ll have no ballclub
For lack
Of warm bodies [10]

Give us some help!
Give us a hand!
We might be signing players
From the stand [11]!

Come on and…

Meet these Mets
First-place Mets
Cameron Maybin’s
Next a Met [12]

The Fish who caught
The last out at Shea
Whom I’ve resented
Since that dreary day [13]

Because the Mets will take
Whoever can breathe
Save Trev Hildenberger —
They asked him to leave [14]

Thiiiis Met…
Thaaaat Met…
Keepin’ track’s a constant choooore…

When Mets go down with injuries
Don’t fret —
There’s more!


Can’t beat the original, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to keep up with the times.