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It’s Come to This…

…fuck it, let’s do an actual Mad Lib.

The Mets lost again, continuing their painful slide, and what, really, is there to say?

There were some mildly encouraging moments, such as ______________ and the moment where ______________. And at least _______________ showed a little fight.

But it wasn’t enough. It hasn’t been enough for a long time. There was the usual offensive brownout, a record of failure that has gone from frustrating to inexplicable to just the way things are. There was the seemingly nightly misstep, in this case ____________. Of course there was some bad luck, such as the moment when ________, and now we all have to worry if __________ is hurt too. And hey, give the other guys some credit — how about when __________? That’s the kind of things good teams do, and the Mets don’t do nearly enough. All of the above was plenty, but of course as a bonus there was also Luis Rojas’s curious decision to _____________.

The Mets now have a record of ______, which seems incredible given where they were just a couple of weeks ago. Every night they have to look up a little further to see the ______ and the ______, while the ______ are a little closer to them in the standings.

When will it end? Well, the last game of the season is October 3, so after that the disappointments will be more abstract. Between then and now? You’re watching these basically identical games just like I am. You tell me what you think will change and why.