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Well That Was Unbearable

Pete Alonso [1] and Starling Marte [2] are not on the IL, not apparently out for weeks or months, but day to day. And that was the good news from MetsWorld for Wednesday night.

Seriously, if you got the injury update and then went to bed, you were the smart one. Because the game was a disaster. Chris Bassitt [3], who started the season looking like Max Scherzer [4]‘s icy lieutenant, got mauled by the Padres, with Jurickson Profar [5] a particular offender. Bassitt’s on a lousy run, the kind pitchers get stuck in now and then — lets assume it’s nothing more than that. The Mets lost by 11 runs, had five hits — compared with three errors — and the only suspense was whether J.D. Davis [6] would wind up pitching. (He did not.) Oh, and Khalil Lee [7] made his season debut, which I guess was something.

Anyway, it was a lousy night [8], and I hope for your sake it unfolded while you were asleep or elsewhere. Day off tomorrow. They could use it; so could we.