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Between the Moon and New York City

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sharing the story of how Nanette Fluhr’s painting “Lonny,” a portrait of her son in a Mets cap and Mets jersey, was going to be digitzed and travel to the Moon. Quick addendum: that piece that appeared on FAFIF [1] will be getting the same treatment — hitching a ride on the Lunar Codex mission next year alongside an array of art and literature curated to encapsulate and illustrate humanity’s creative impulses…just in case there’s life up there that doesn’t already keep up with all matters Metsopotamian. (I hear the reception for Newsradio 880 can get fuzzy outside the Tri-State Area.) The details are in here [2] in case you’re wondering, as I kind of am, “What?”

I guess the old saying must be true: “Something written about the Mets will land on the Moon before Noah Syndergaard faces his old team [3].” [4]