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An Old Rule Revisited

I’ve heard it said that the second best thing one can do with an evening is watch your favorite baseball team lose a game. And that’s probably true.

But there’s watching your team lose a baseball game and there’s watching your team get its collective behind whooped, and Tuesday night was the latter. Trevor Williams [1] was so-so and Chasen Shreve [2] was bad and the best thing about the night was that it ended.

Well, actually that isn’t true. Before the game I predicted Pete Alonso [3] would hit one into the Crawford boxes, which wasn’t exactly auditioning to be the new Nostradamus in terms of going out on a limb but was still satisfying to see come true. Luis Guillorme [4] showed off some more moves that would make a ballerina turn pale with envy, an exhibition that is always welcome. Jose Siri [5] connected for a home run that the Astros fan in a space helmet might have considering riding to orbit — not a welcome development but certainly a sight to see.

And it was baseball, filled with injury updates (Max Scherzer [6]! In Binghamton!), dreams of the future (Francisco Alvarez [7] has hit approximately 435 home runs in his last 10 games), talk of the past (Tal’s Hill and Carlos Beltran [8]‘s adventures ascending it [9]) and the other threads of which baseball’s warp and weft emerge. Those are things to savor … even when you get beat by six [10] in Texas.