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For Donation: Reyes Shirt, Briefly Worn

Jose in the bag

That’s Joshua’s Jose Reyes shirt, off to Goodwill, and if you’ll excuse me I need a minute. There seems to be something in my eye.

11 comments to For Donation: Reyes Shirt, Briefly Worn

  • Ljcmets

    OMG, that got me. I thought I was over the whole Reyes thing cuz I’ve been down that path before (1977 anyone?)but thinking about your son got me. It’s tough to be a fan…..even as an adult, especially so as a child, and heartbreakingly so as a parent. Ya gotta believe, Joshua. For every 1977 or 2012, there’s a 1986. (Side note: you might want to sneak that out of the Goodwill bag and put it away for him. He may not believe it now, but someday it will make him smile and wipe away a tear).

  • dmg

    don’t do it. save it.

  • Florida Met Fan Rich

    Even if it hurts ya gotta do it!

  • Rob D.

    My older son got a Reyes jersey (Men’s Small)as a gift from a friend for his 10th birthday that still doesn’t fit him 4 years later.

    He’s never throwing it out.

  • NostraDennis

    Mine is now officially a throwback. At least that’s how I’ll rationalize not burying or burning it.

  • Will in Central NJ

    Even if it’s demoted to wearing only during car washing/lawn mowing status, I never part with Mets apparel unless it’s in tatters. Thus some of my neighbors from farther down the block will know who I root for, even if they don’t know anything else about me.

  • Kevin From Flushing


  • Joe D.

    Know just how you feel, Jason. Had to remove my Jose Reyes drawstring bag from other things I have hanging along the window like a 1964 replica Mets jersey, an authentic 1964/65 Mets pennant, a collection of caps and the final season Shea Stadium banner.

    We had two bags. One of them my better half used to put the socks in when doing a laundry. Now the other one is just on the floor somewhere.

    Also had to move my Jose Reyes bobble head away from David Wright and Mr. Met and put it alongside Carlos Beltran.

    Do wonder what we will think of Jose in terms of being a Met let’s say ten years down the road. Will we see him as a true Met or more like Gary Carter who had a small but good stay with us?

  • MetsMom

    My 13 yr old son gave me his Reyes shirt and jersey the morning after Reyes signed with the Marlins and told me to put them away for the next 10-20 years because it was too painful to look at them. He couldn’t get rid of them, though. Guess he’ll wear the jersey if they ever bring back Old Timers’ Day….

  • ljcmets

    Quick story re bobbleheads: While we were dating, my husband bought me several Mets bobbleheads (he’s not a Mets fan, at least not by inclination, but our relationship was long-distance for years and whenever we’d talk on the phone, I’d be watching the Mets game [2007, 2008, 2009 – not the best time to show off the Mets, lol] and he would tune it in in Buffalo just to follow along, and got hooked). Earlier this year, in the summer [we got married in June] we were having some furniture delivered, and the delivery guys sideswiped the shelf and both Beltran and Reyes fell to the floor and cracked in a lot of little pieces. Beltran was already gone to SF, but I couldn’t bring myself to move Reyes, as broken as he was. The day after Reyes signed with Miami, I moved both the broken ones to the trash before I could chicken out. I’m not replacing them, although we did get some insurance money from the delivery company. I still have an Endy Chavez, two David Wrights (large and small) and Mr. Met [oh and a Bo Schembechler cuz that’s my other sporting heritage]. The insurance money awaits the next generation of Mets bobbleheads.

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