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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

Jason Fry is a Brooklyn writer whose first memories include his mom leaping up and down cheering for Rusty Staub. Check out his other writing here.

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Zombie Apocalypse

We want the Mets to get up now...

“I just kind of felt dead tonight,” said Dillon Gee after losing to the Yankees, 4-2.

Didn’t we all inside? Didn’t everybody in a Mets uniform, with the possible exception of provisional savior Omar Quintanilla, look like Dillon felt?

Enough playing dead. Rise from the dead already.

It’s Sunday. It’s as good a day as any for a resurrection.

Photo by Sharon Chapman.

6 comments to Zombie Apocalypse

  • Well Greg you know me and as far as the team is concerned I am generally optimistic.It is , however, the team many fans even good and loyal ones such as yourself,
    we expected to see earlier in the season. Its just a shame it had to come this way in that big league park with little league dimensions in the bronx..

    Listen Mets fans get outside today and enjoy your lifes on this beautiful Sunday..

    Rich P

  • Steve D

    Can we hire Dr. Frankenstein as a hitting coach to resurrect the stiff at first base with the OPS of .520…the worst by far in the NL?

  • Patrick O'Hern

    To misquote Arthur Fonzerelli-“I don’t like Ike. My bike doesn’t like Ike.”

  • Ed

    It really hurts to see the Mets waste opportunities especially against the likes of the mighty Bavada. What was up with pinch hitting for Hairston with Valdespin? Removing Gee after striking out the last two batters he faced? Collins is over managing and obessesing way too much about resting pitchers. C’mon Mets wake up and play ball!

  • Chipper

    Agreed. Overmanaging is making matters worse and yet Terry seems to forget that the games he’s carelessly throwing away now during his experiments will add up to hurt us in September.
    Let pitchers pitch and let batters bat.

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