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The Stars Are Ours This Week

Perhaps I need to be more cynical, but I’m genuinely excited that All-Star Week is upon us and around us. Is it called All-Star Week? I can’t believe it’s not. I assume it’s trademarked and MLB is cashing in on it.

MLB will be cashing in off me in two scoops when I visit FanFest twice. I know what I’m in for in terms of temptation thanks to the dry run of 2008. Even for an All-Star Week that wasn’t properly Mets-themed, that one was pretty exciting to have around.

How ya like this apple?

How ya like this apple?

I’m in for FanFest. I’m in for examining apples should I wander across them. I’m down for most whatever’s televised. Not totally down for the ancillary stuff Sunday and Monday, but I’ll tune in. Didn’t succumb to the “strips” when I finally drew a chance to buy in for SRO access. I can sit at home for less. But you never know.

I’m letting the evanescent controversies wash over me, because a week from now they’ll be stored away. Should  David Wright have picked Michael Cuddyer for the Home Run Derby? Of course not…unless he really wanted to. Should Matt Harvey be rested in deference to a blister that just happens to coincide with his opportunity to start the first All-Star Game the Mets have hosted in 49 years? Yes! No! Maybe! Whatever!

It’s all pretty silly, just like the concept that This One Counts or that Everybody Must Play or that Nobody Cares Anymore. The first All-Star Game, in 1933, was tied into the Chicago World’s Fair. Our first All-Star Game, in 1964, was played adjacent to the Flushing World’s Fair. Come see the greatest baseball players on Earth! It’s a cute, quaint concept, like picture telephones and Belgian waffles. They have the former now. Perhaps they continue to have the latter, even if you have to concoct them yourself. And we still have the All-Star Game. It’s cute, quaint and I still care as long as they care enough to dust the middle of the season with stellar powdered sugar. I mean why not? It’s just one night in July, except for us in Metsopotamia it’s a week more or less. It’s baseball all around us, colored orange and blue. It’s pretty sweet.

And what I’m really enjoying about this All-Star business, as a charter member of the Mets Fans Who Like To Read club, is the plethora of feelgood articles it has spawned. Say, you’re a Mets fan who likes to read, aren’t ya? Well, in that case, I recommend the following.

A visit with Ron Hunt, from Anthony McCarron in the News.

Great news regarding first-pitch pitcher Tom Seaver, via Bill Madden in the News.

Darryl Strawberry’s new path, marked by USA Today’s Bob Nightengale.

Willie Mays’s way, courtesy of Christian Red in the News — complete with long overdue street signs.

Johnny Callison’s moment in the Shea sun (and his unlikely role in the 1969 World Series), captured by ESPN’s Steve Wulf.

The forgotten All-Star Game at the Polo Grounds, from after the Mets left but before Shea opened, remembered by the News’s Robert Dominguez.

And if you haven’t picked one up yet, grab a copy of the 2013 All-Star Game Program, chock full of Amazin’ Mets content (including an article on Mets captains through the years in which author Jon Schwartz quotes yours truly among several others).

When you’re done reading, check out the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse for a truly extravagant All-Star Extravaganza Saturday between 11 AM and 4 PM.

10 comments to The Stars Are Ours This Week

  • dak442

    Fan Fest. I am going to meet Dave Kingman Sunday.

    The Mets can lose the rest of their games this season and 2013 will still be a ringing success as far as I’m concerned.

  • Rob

    Great piece and thanks for the links . Saves me a ton of time. Went to Fan Fest this morning and was a bit disappointed. I went to the 1993 version in Baltimore and there was much more excitement and “sizzle.” Of course, my visit today was early in the game. Look forward to hearing about your experience.

    That said, it was my only opportunity to participate since I’m vacationing next week. Rats!

  • Ken K. in NJ

    Thanks for the links to the Callison and Hunt articles. The picture of Hunt in the on deck circle at the All Start Game is priceless. And resonant for me as I was at the game (with Dad, courtesy of his Bohack connections), and had good loge seats, i.e you could see balls in the air, between third and home. My view of Hunt was just about the same as in that picture. And all 50,000 of us were totally into Ron Hunt that day. I can still picture his hit, as Bob Murphy would have said if he had called that game (instead of the generic Network boobs who are on the tape I have)…”Cleen single to left”.

    Hunt was interviewed by Ed Randall last Sunday. At least I think it was Ron Hunt. It may very well have been Ray Goulding as Stuffy Hodgens. He actually said something like, “We never smoked pot like these players nowadays”. Did and still do love Ron Hunt.

  • Thanks for linking out to my “Bobbing For Apples” piece, Greg.

    If the Mets really want to pay homage to the 1964 All-Star Game, they should have the players wear Mets batting helmets instead of their own teams’ helmets when they come to bat. Seeing photos of Johnny Callison crossing the plate after his game-ending home run in ’64 made me realize just how odd, but strangely appropriate, it looked for an opposing player to wear his team’s jersey but a Mets batting helmet.

    I’ll be heading to the Fan Fest tomorrow, hoping to meet and greet as many former Mets as possible. Perhaps I’ll allow myself a visit or two with non-former Mets as well.

  • […] than I am by the presence of the All-Star Game and its auxiliary activities, even as I continue to relish all that. I’m more thrilled than I am by the Mets’ perfectly satisfying Sunday afternoon victory in […]