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Looking Good


One vote for wearing the real uniforms in these games. Mets look sharp, whoever they are. Not that the Delgados of our world require enhancement by haberdashery, but all the No. 62s and higher seem more legit in crisp snow whites with their actual names embroidered on the back than in those drab blue, grab-one-off-the-pile batting practice shirts. Not that I remember most of who donned them, except that we seem to have a second Jose Reyes. He’s a catcher. There’s no confusing him with the original article, though it seems rather whimsical that they gave him four 7s to wear (two in the back, two on the front).

Only time I actually paid attention was when that reliever we got for Bannister…wait, let me check the spelling…Ambiorix Burgos came into pitch the ninth and get the pretend save. I expected a nine-run disaster that would prompt an avalanche of calls to the FAN that we must trade this guy at once and bring back maybe Jorge Julio, but no, he pitched well. Except for a flare that fell in and an error on an unnecessary DP attempt by whichever infielder was trying to impress, he came away unscathed. He even retired rightfielder Rick Ankiel. Yup, same Rick Ankiel who pitched so poorly in the 2000 NLCS. There’s only one of him, but he apparently has uncommon versatility.

Final: Mets 4 Cardinals 3.

It’s not the Mets 4 Cardinals 3 that we really needed, but like I said, the uniforms looked nice.

5 comments to Looking Good

  • Anonymous

    Good old Ambiorix is extremely familiar to Twins fans. And this is not something I'm looking forward to.
    Nice to hear a certain announcer hasn't let the fact that Brian Bannister is no longer with us curtail his continual harping on the kid's supposed suckitude. Let it go, dude. Leave the grave-dancing to the fans. It's unbecoming of an announcer.

  • Anonymous

    I've never understood the need for ST uniforms as opposed to regular season duds. Should you have a lousy pre-season, does it somehow help cover it up psychologically? Come April 1st, who's gonna care what happened in March?

  • Anonymous

    The neat thing about frequent uniform changes, spring training and otherwise, is that the “obsolete” jerseys go on the half-price clearance rack. Got me a nice blue David Wright jersey this spring. And in 2003 I got a pinstripe game jersey with the 2002 40-year anniversary patch for like $80, and in 2005 got a black model with the 2004 40-year Shea anniversary patch for about the same.

  • Anonymous

    As long as you don't catch more than fleeting glimpses of “Mets” and “2002” together, you won't wind up losing money on the deal when you have to go in for extra sessions of therapy to combat the nightmares related to Roberto Alomar and friends.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that Brian Bannister does something useful in his tenure with the Royals. Like no-hit the Yankees. Yup, that would be sufficient.
    (Speaking of obsolete, I wear my $5, post-trade ,MATSUI 25 shirt proudly. Pretty hard to beat that price).