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Ollie, Tell M's How Their Bats Taste

It’s bad enough the way the Mariners have mocked the Mets with their hitting and pitching the last two nights at Shea, but the very idea that R.A. Dickey would have taken to the mic at the Village Underground late Tuesday and started freestyling about how much bigger he is than Oliver Perez and how he’s got no fewer rings than Carlos Beltran and how the Mets “couldn’t do without me” (referring of course to losing in a large, embarrassing amount)…well, behavior like that would be simply uncalled for.

Though it wouldn’t be wholly unreflective of reality.

Jerry Manuel may get mad good, but by every measure that doesn’t encompass style, I’d say we’re getting outgangsta’d pretty badly of late.

11 comments to Ollie, Tell M’s How Their Bats Taste

  • Anonymous

    I still just can't believe that home plate umpire. Beltran seems like such a reserved, even-keeled guy, it's tough to imagine him saying anything more offensive to that ump than “that pitch looked a little inside to me man.” And the dude takes his mask off, yells at him, and then pulls out his broom and starts sweeping the plate? “You disagreed with my call? Well let me demonstrate to everyone at Shea and to all the viewers at home how stupid and ignorant you are!”
    What the hell man? I'm glad Manuel and Beltran got thrown out over that, because that guy was being an ass. But it's obviously tough to get anything going, when we're down by 5, we lose Beltran and Wright is already out of the lineup, too.
    At least the Phillies have been losing, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Hey kids, don't forget: worst day of the season is 2 days away!
    If you thought these past 2 games were bad, just wait until Friday. Can we put some kind of betting system on it? Mets getting swept in the double-header– 1.0000001-1; Pedro getting injured– 2-1; Wagner blows a save– 3-1; Wagner blows 2 saves– 5-1; Reyes getting injured– 7-1; Wright getting injured– 10-1; Mike Piazza sitting in Steinbrenner's box; 100-1

  • Anonymous

    Runge's always been quite the asshole. If he doesn't get fined for the bump of Manuel it shows how much of a joke the disciplinary system is.

  • Anonymous

    Hank Steinbrenner opens his mouth afterward and says something lucid and reasonable. 10,000-1

  • Anonymous

    First subway series I'm not getting worked up for.

  • Anonymous

    Mine was June '01.

  • Anonymous

    Mine was the Shawn Estes/Mo Vaughn weekend.

  • Anonymous

    2003, the year we sent Jeremy Griffiths uptown to face the Antichrist in the afternoon and depended on Raul Gonzalez to avenge him in the nightcap did it for me.
    But I was right back to taking it overly seriously the very next year.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, the Yankees ain't much better than us. Pittsburgh put up 12 on them last night… And they're further back in the loss column than we are.

  • Anonymous

    Ssshhh…we're trying to keep a lid on our overconfidence.

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