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Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

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National Treasure: Legacy's Revenge

Hernandez…Schneider…Church…obviously the way to ensure putting away the Washington Nationals is to play Washington Nationals against the Washington Nationals. The Nats have never been particularly good since they've existed, but when you get ahold of a few of 'em and deploy them strategically against their former employers, watch out.

Our men in Washington showed up their men in Washington. Five in the first, led (as much as anything) by Ryan Church's double — Ryan always seems to start or return from injury strong — and Brian Schneider's sac fly, and then Liván Hernandez locked it down for seven solid. Conversely, their ex-Met Anderson Hernandez fielded but didn't hit, just like old times. There have been moments this season when our infield has been depleted (which has been most of the time) that I've thought it was a shame we traded Anderson for Luis Ayala last summer, but that's stone revisionism. I didn't give a whit about Anderson Hernandez by 2008, no matter how good he looked with the glove in 2005 and 2006, no matter much he resembles South Park's Kyle when each of them takes his hat off. Every time Kyle…I mean Anderson grounded out (which was frequently; he went 0-for-12 this weekend), he'd remove his helmet in disgust and that hair of his would go off in all directions, Broflovski-style.

As do the Mets sometimes, come to think of it. Sunday's direction, however, was straight up. The Mets soared and stayed aloft, a position we can only hope they maintain as we brace for the team that comes to Citi Field next. I mean the Phillies, but I suppose that could refer to the Mets as well, seeing as how we never quite know what we're going to get from our own.

But we love them anyway.

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4 comments to National Treasure: Legacy's Revenge

  • Anonymous

    Is it me, or does Livan Hernandez not only seem to not suck, but actually appear to be one of our more reliable players?
    Granted, if we scored seven runs for our starters every time out they'd all look good…

  • Anonymous

    “if we scored seven runs for our starters every time out they'd all look good”
    Does that include Reid and Perez (before going on the DL)?

  • Anonymous

    I'm already prepping my eardrums for the yapping that's sure to come from Phoul, Phetid, Phuming, Phoggy Philthyyyyyyyy and The Bronx over the next 6 days.
    Oh and a 2-4 (at best) tally…

  • Anonymous

    The Phils I can handle. It's the weekend I'm dreading. The thought of seeing one (or more) of the starters turn in another “dead-arm” performance in that ….quaint little bandbox over there….(shudder). This has been a…….trying season so far, even by Metsian standards.
    I hate inter-league games, never liked 'em and I never will. Like any other decent baseball fan, I look down my nose at the junior circuit and it's beer-league brand of baseball-like substance. The novelty of the whole thing has worn off now but it still doesn't sit right with me.