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The Honorable Zillionaire Athlete

I don’t see much point in getting hackles raised over what’s said while a lucrative contract extension is up for grabs, because negotiations are an ends to a means, and the means are what’s meaningful in the end. Thus, when David Wright’s future as a Met went from glide path to word jumble in a matter of hours Tuesday, I shrugged it off as the fog of money, the kind of money none of us will ever see (unless we had Marvin Miller advocating on behalf of our profession at some point in our lives).

Mets reportedly make big offer! Mets reportedly make bigger offer! Wright calls reports inaccurate! When Adam Rubin’s telling me white smoke is emerging from the Acela Club one way or the other, then I’ll take it deathly seriously. Until then, it’s all numbers and rumors and November. It’s not news.

But I did like this on-the-record comment from David himself, cited in an e-mail requested to “clarify” matters, as relayed by’s Anthony DiComo:

“It was important to me from the very beginning that these negotiations remain confidential and private. I plan on sticking to that.”

Loud leaks may be a fun way to kill time between the last pitch of the World Series and the first catch of Spring Training, but the Wright way strikes me as the right way to conduct these things. Why am I not surprised that’s David’s process?

6 comments to The Honorable Zillionaire Athlete

  • Linda

    David, classy as usual. Wilpons leaking the numbers:Devious as usual.An attempt to win the PR battle over $$. Won’t work with this fan. Good on you David.

  • Joe D.

    Hi Greg,

    Francesa today said the report was accurate and there was an offer made to David that was both good and fair and what David said was only for public posturing.

    What purpose would David have to participate in public posturing knowing that it will not affect what is being negotiated in the conference room? And if negotiations were that close, wouldn’t a “no comment, these are private discussions” be sufficient in lieu of a denial?

    I’m wondering if David just felt frustrated with all the stories being leaked or that he doesn’t trust the Mets. We all know how the front office tarnished Jose’s reputation by not negotiating with him and then trying to portray Reyes as the bad guy who walked away from the team. Perhaps he sees the Mets trying to set him up as the bad guy too for he his re-signing has less to do with money that it is still not seeing anything more than that “baby ste” in the Mets effort to become competitive again.

    Don’t know what’s going through David’s head but I would take whatever he says any day over that of the Mets. The front office lost it’s credibility with me a long, long time ago and this latest series of leaks – especially since it contradicts what Sandy recently said about there being no rush to reach an agreement before the winter meetings, etc,

    • Linda

      I agree. I would take David’s word over the Mets any day. And IMHO Francesa has no credibility. He changes his tune with his underwear. The only cred part of his program are actual interviews when people speak for themselves. Anything else is speculation.

  • 9th string catcher

    David isn’t saying anything to maintain plausible deniability. His agent is the one that’s leaking info. Why else would the Mets make an offer and then raise it like they’re competing with themselves? The Mets will look bad no matter what they do because they’re awful baseball people and terrible communicators. Wright is a very good baseball player, but he’s a piece, not a center piece. The Mets will still be in 4th place next year if they don’t get any outfielders, Wright or not, so if finances are an issue, if a big Wright contract will preclude them from getting more players over the next 5-7 years, they have to really think about whether this is right for the health of the team. Face of the franchise or not, baseball is a team sport.

    • Joe D.

      All the leaks are attributed to Mets officials, not David’s camp. And because they are just leaks, we don’t know if they represent what is going on behind closed doors, is unintentional mis-information or purposly planted for appearance sake.

      If there is anyone who needs posturing, it certainly is not David, not if the latest report about an offer has merit regarding 7 years at $124 million. I am guessing he would want to secure a deal now instead of waiting next year for the free agent market for he doesn’t know what his value would be then (due to injury, declining season or the beginnng notice of a slow down in his mechanics) but who knows, we are not David and therefore do not know what is going through his mind.

      Does David currently have a no-trade clause in his contract? If not, he just might want that clause added to his 2013 contract extension. Without such protection, if he does sign a contract David could still be dealt to any team the Mets desire with that new iron-clad contract keeping him stuck with a team he has no desire to play for. Thus, it might be in his best interest not to sign that contract with the Mets if they are not willing to grant him that no-trade clause.

      The no trade clause would be irrelevant in any new contract for by the time it kicks in David would already be a 10/5 man.