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Lipstick, Meet Pig

Well, here’s another 2014 first: the first game that made you want to discover the ability to reach into your TV and smack Mets several time zones away.

This was the game I’d feared the Mets would play on Tuesday in Philadelphia, and was pleasantly surprised to be wrong about: a dead-eyed, slumbering, miscue-filled mess. Every team has a dozen or so of these a year, and it’s better just to avert your eyes and move on as quickly as possible. And so that’s what we’ll do, after a few pro forma observations:

  • Sympathies that the Mets sat around in Philadelphia and then flew out at an ungodly hour, arriving in Denver at 5 a.m. But since the game was an early evening affair in Colorado, why the heck didn’t they stay in Philadelphia and leave in the morning? Size of the party to be accommodated? Sleep isn’t necessary for #TrueNewYorkers? EY Jr. knew this awesome breakfast place in Colorado Springs?
  • Welp, when Bartolo Colon is bad, he doesn’t pussyfoot around, does he? He’s all-in bad.
  • Nice to have Juan Lagares back, who looked as if he’d never left. Can the idea that Eric Young Jr. is anything more than a bench player please progress as soon as possible to the “polite fiction” phase?
  • Besides Lagares, Travis d’Arnaud gets a pass for a bolt into the left-field stands that was a no-doubter in any park. Lipstick on a pig, to be sure, but any step in d’Arnaud’s development is something to applaud.
  • Keith was a little dull himself tonight, though his ninth-inning fuming about Digger, the Rockies’ annoying mascot, was entertaining. (Oh wait, it’s Dinger. Not that I give a shit.)

Let’s see … that’s 317 words more than I wanted to write about this mess and you wanted to read. Lagares and d’Arnaud, you’re excused. The rest of you fellas take a lap.

Or better yet, go back to sleep.

7 comments to Lipstick, Meet Pig

  • open the gates

    Kinda makes you wanna slap around the guy (gal?) who makes up the Mets itinerary. Yeah, get ’em to Colorado all puffy-eyed and jet-lagged. That’s the ticket.

    On the other hand, your previous column was entitled “No Excuses”. Just sayin’.

  • Lou from Georgia

    Why does this team have the worst schedule every year? One would think they could have gone to Washington or at least somewhere near the Eastern time zone after Philly. I feel the Mets get the Rodney Dangerfield treatment.

  • Ken K. in NJ

    On the radio side Josh Lewin was also ragging on Digger or Dinger or whatever. Howie then added that on the other hand Mr. Met had “won a contest”… which of course led to snickering by both of them. Perfect for a top of the 9th with their team down 7-1.

  • James Preller

    How tough must it be to bat 7th in this Mets lineup. After that slot, it’s Tejada and the pitcher. There’s really no reason to pitch to d’Arnaud unless the bases are loaded or, hey, it’s the 9th inning and you’re up 7-1.

    I keep imagining him in the 2-spot behind Lagares.

    (In TC’s defense, it’s rough when a team does not have a leadoff or cleanup hitter.)

    • Dave

      Most of the guys in this lineup should be hitting either 2nd, 6th or 8th. Been a long time since I just barely passed a math class, but I think that’s impossible.

  • The Jestaplero!

    I love EY and I think he should start every day. For a guy who never gets on base, he sure scores a lot of runs!