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Boarish Behavior

I admittedly know nothing about ranching, but if ranches are prone to wild boar attacks, then I can’t really blame Yoenis Cespedes for taking steps to prevent a wild boar from attacking him on his ranch. And if a wild boar winds up breaking free of the trap set by the proprietor of stately La Potencia Ranch of Vero Beach, Fla., I also can’t blame Cespedes for trying to avoid the wild boar, as he apparently attempted…and if Yoenis’s defensive action here was less effective than the kind that won him a Gold Glove for his work in Detroit, and it resulted in him fracturing an ankle by falling into a hole…well, I’m sorry he got hurt more than he already was from double heel surgery — and I’m glad he didn’t get hurt worse.

All that said, geez, what an (ahem) unusual story the Post reported Friday night. It was already out of leftfield that the left fielder’s insanely large-in-hindsight contract was slashed to merely ludicrously large-in-hindsight. That basically never happens in baseball, but the Mets got back many of the millions upon millions they were supposed to be paying Cespedes, since Cespedes was supposed to be not letting wild boars get in the way of him trying to play baseball again relatively soon. Or something like that. When we heard that Cespedes’s deal was reduced like Cespedes’s gear was in the Mets’ team store once “La Potencia” definitively rhymed with “in absentia,” we more or less figured it had something to do with the what-else-is-new? news that Yo took a spill into a hole on his ranch. But we didn’t know exactly what that bit of business was about when it was revealed last May.

Now we do. It was about Yoenis Cespedes trying to stay on peaceful terms with a heretofore trapped wild boar who wasn’t crazy about having been trapped. It could happen to anybody.

Anybody on the Mets, especially.

15 comments to Boarish Behavior

  • Matt in DE

    This situation is just so…Metsian.

    Side note…wild boar is delicious, sort of like if pulled pork and brisket were spliced.

  • eric1973

    Well, that sure turned into a very expensive meal for our own Dr. Doolittle. Maybe next time he’ll just settle for the pre-packaged version.

    It amazed me that we could never find out the real truth behind what happened, and that everything was kept a secret until now, and also that the press never seemed to care to find out.

    I can envision him hitting a cool .151 when and if he returns. And I would rather not unload JD Davis to make room for him.

  • Dave

    Forget Pat Zachry’s dugout steps or Duaner Sanchez’s cab ride or Bobby Ojeda’s hedge clippers and others I’m likely not recalling off the top of my head, this is by far the most Mets Mets injury story ever. I don’t know if anything could ever top this.

    The question is, I guess, was Brodie once the boar’s agent?

  • open the gates

    The way I see it, the Mets have two choices on J D. Davis – turn him into the next HoJo, or turn him into the next Justin Turner. Last year, I said the same about Jeff McNeil, but I think that even the Mets brain (un) trust won’t move him at this point. Scary that either of those guys need to be part of this kind of conversation. As for Yoenis, he’ll always have 2015, but that’s a long time ago in baseball years. Let’s see him play a week straight in Spring Training before we start throwing away players like Davis and Brandon Nimmo. Please.

  • LeClerc

    “Hey wild boar! Get off my lawn!”

  • open the gates

    And Dave, while I hear you on the “freak accident” aspect of Boar-gate, I’m thinking it is also Metsian as compared to, say, the dunderhead Met official who told Ryan Church to man up and fly with a concussion. Or David Wright being allowed to play half a season with a freaking broken back. Or when Frank Francisco advised fellow DL-ing Rafael Montero to party hardy during his rehab because no one was checking up on them anyway. That is to say, destroyed playing time (and sometimes careers) that could have been avoided with just a little oversight and common sense. In that way, I’m kind of glad Ces is losing gajillions of dollars over this nonsense. The unavoidable freak accidents are bad enough – let’s keep the stupid ones to a minimum, shall we?

  • Paul from Brooklyn

    “It’s like deja vu all over again”(in Metsian fashion).
    Happy New Year to F&F!
    See you guys at the opener.
    Let’s Go Mets!

  • Seth

    Boar: “I’m not wild, you are!”

  • eric1973

    If Brodie was once the boar’s agent, it will be playing CF and hitting third next year.

    And if Brodie had any sense of humor, he would go out to Japan and sign Justin Bour to be our power off the bench this season.

  • Jonathan

    With the contract the way it is now, Cespedes can only live high on the hog, if he brings home the bacon

  • Lenny65

    Is the boar a capable backup catcher? Asking for a friend.