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Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

Welcome to YouTube! Based on your viewing history, these videos are specially recommended for you!

Six New York Mets come to bat right away at Chase Field, six New York Mets get hits right away — first time leading off a game since 1979! Jonathan Villar singles; Francisco Lindor singles; James McCann homers (!); Pete Alonso singles; Kevin Pillar singles; Dom Smith singles. The Mets score four first-inning runs!

Madison Bumgarner pitches against the New York Mets for the eleventh time since 2012 and never gets pinned with a loss! Hardly ever gets hit, either! MadBum beats the Mets over and over, including once with an entire postseason on the line! When a Met beats Madison Bumgarner, that Met (Justin Ruggiano with a grand slam) gets injured practically ten minutes later…and the Mets as a whole lose to Bumgarner anyway!

David Peterson is a young and unpredictable pitcher. Occasionally he’s as unhittable as Madison Bumgarner in his prime. More often he’s as hittable as Madison Bumgarner was during the top of the first inning in the Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Mets-Diamondbacks game televised exclusively on YouTube. During the bottom of the first inning in the Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Mets-Diamondbacks game televised exclusively on YouTube — in exactly one-third of an inning — Peterson outdoes Bumgarner, giving up five runs along with the four-run lead his team’s deluge of offense out of the gate provided him!

Not as famous as James Harden, but longer-tenured in New York, hirsute Robert Gsellman puts his own moves on the Diamondbacks, bailing out the Mets after Peterson’s implosion and keeping the club viable from the first through the fourth, giving up only two hits and no runs of his own!

Madison Bumgarner, hero (or villain) of multiple Octobers, cannot survive a June afternoon in the desert. He surrenders a fifth run and leaves after two innings of eight-hit ball to a team that had collected all of 47 hits off him in 72 career innings, the 2016 National League Wild Card Game included!

The Mets keep pounding the ball versus Madison Bumgarner’s successor, the less-celebrated Riley Smith. Six hits! But only one run. The one run gives the Mets a 6-5 lead in the fifth. It feels like they should be ahead by more (it always feels like they should be ahead by more!).

Kevin Pillar in a plastic mask! Pete Alonso going deep! NOW Seth Lugo emerging from mothballs!!! Lugo, the Mets’ most dependable reliever of recent years, comes off the injured list and throws a clean bottom of the fifth. Seth is back and everything is gonna be great!

Met after Met after Met disappears from the playing field, usually in agony. The latest to depart from view is Jonathan Villar, the Mets’ de facto regular leadoff hitter and third baseman. Villar’s hamstring tightens. He is removed from a game that isn’t televised on television, though his hamstring remains tight on all streaming platforms!

Travis Blankenhorn follows in the heretofore unforeseen footsteps of Jose Peraza, Patrick Mazeika, Jordan Yamamoto, Tommy Hunter, Jake Hager, Johneshwy Fargas, Khalil Lee, Cameron Maybin, Brandon Drury, Yennsy Diaz, Billy McKinney and Mason Williams, all of whom preceded Blankenhorn into a Mets box score over the previous month. Many are mentored by Hugh Quattlebaum!

New York Mets manager Luis Rojas leaves Seth Lugo in for a second inning during the Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Mets-Diamondbacks game televised exclusively on YouTube despite Lugo not having pitched in 2021 until the Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Mets-Diamondbacks game televised exclusively on YouTube. Seth’s second inning ends differently than his first. (SPOILER ALERT: An Arizona run is involved!)

Jose Peraza strikes out! Billy McKinney strikes out! Travis Blankenhorn strikes out! All in the eighth inning of a 6-6 game because they’re pretty much all the Mets who are available!

The New York Mets send three All-Star players — Francisco Lindor, James McCann and Pete Alonso — to bat in the top of a ninth inning of a 6-6 game and it becomes a 7-6 game!

Extremely talented yet residually untrustworthy Edwin Diaz pitches the bottom of the ninth inning the day after a bad night and restores faith in his ability and constitution — three up and three down!

The Mets win, 7-6, which shouldn’t be a surprise, but because the Mets had so many more hits (16) than runs; because the Mets had to use relievers from the first inning onward; and because the Mets insert a new Travis Blankenhorn daily, it’s almost shocking!

Crack radio broadcasters Howie Rose and Wayne Randazzo provide excellent accounts and descriptions of Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Mets-Diamondbacks game televised exclusively on YouTube. YouTube’s great for going down video rabbit holes, but when it comes to following an SNYless Mets game in progress, stick with the voices that paint word pictures!

10 comments to Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

  • Daniel Hall

    The good news are: the Mets somehow eventually cobbled together a lead they didn’t blow instantly, and apparently the good people at MLB HQ [slick cutaway to dark tower rising ominously above a tranquil village, intermittently illuminated by zig-zag lightning] do no longer think it necessary to block out the three people trying to watch their stupid Youtube game from Germany. Huzzah!

    Seriously, that’s enough stealing Mets games now. ESPN can bugger off, FOX can get it, Youtube is for videos of raccoons gobbling grapes and nothing else, and did I already concur that it always rains? I want my Gary, my Ron, and my Keith … and a W. Thx.

  • Matt in Richmond

    If for no other reason than that I would have paid money to hear Keith describe that “swing” that Castro elicited from Marte I wish that had been an SNY game. I’m with you Daniel. It already pains me to have to endure the occasional Fox game & the ESPN broadcasts nearly cause my ears to bleed, we don’t need YouTube as well. Enough.

  • mikeski

    I missed GKR, but I liked the team-centric interstitials instead of an endless river of VAX VAX VAX being screeched at me.

  • Seth

    YouTube wasn’t great, but at least it wasn’t Bob Brenly.

  • Dave

    I want two projections from you Greg: what will the overall count of first-time Mets be by the end of 2021; and which one of them will be the first Met to wear a triple-digit uniform number?

  • Ken K. in NJ

    I had forgotten this was a late afternoon (EDT) game until I noticed the score pop up on my phone at which point the game was already in the 3rd inning. So then I tuned to SNY. No game, just that idiot and the not idiot on WFAN. Then I went to WPIX, ESPN, FOX. Still no game. You Tube never occurred to me. Why is it that once a game starts it’s no longer possible to tell from the MLB app where the F the game is being shown? No loss, Howie and Wayne were fine, as usual, better than You Tube, I’m sure.

    • Seth

      I went to the MLB app as usual, hours after the game ended, looking for the archive. It wasn’t there, but there was a message saying the game was on YouTube. Opened the YouTube app, went to the MLB subscription, and the game was archived there. I don’t get SNY here, but I agree — should carry every game, whether it’s on FOX, ESPN, or YouTube.

  • […] and I got back on the road in time for the Mets to take the lead, give it back and settle in for a long siege. Now that I was driving, I was able to return to the original blueprint, with Howie and Wayne […]