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Trading Places? Not With Us You're Not

I made Louis a bet here. Louis bet me that we couldn't get rich and put you in the poorhouse. He didn't think we could do it. I won.

—Billy Ray Valentine

Just watched David Ortiz single home the winning run in the twelfth to beat the Phillies. So let's see what that means:

• The Phillies fall 12 games behind the Mets. Are they even in second place anymore?

• The Red Sox expand their lead on the Yankees, something that no matter how irrelevant it's made out to be in our lives, is luscious.

• The Phillies couldn't have been more helpful in losing. They could have gone down without a whimper; instead they forced the Red Sox to use seven relievers. Gee, that's a lot of bullpen to go through before a big series against the Mets. The game went into extras, thanks to Chase Utley's ninth-inning homer off Jonathan Papelbon. First homer Papelbon had given up this year…a little seed of doubt in the previously impenetrable reliever's head for what that's worth. After witnessing B.J. Ryan blowing away Mets on Saturday, I'll take what we can get.

• Oh yeah…Phillies still lost.

• If the Braves get it together long enough to win a game or two from the Yankees between tonight and Wednesday, it won't hurt us a bit. If the Yankees beat the Braves, it's always fun to hear the Braves lost (we have definitive proof of this phenomenon given the Atlanta fortunes of the last month).

Even on the days we don't play, we just keep winning.

12 comments to Trading Places? Not With Us You're Not

  • Anonymous

    GREAT quote. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Ah…. 12 games. Let me tell you what it feels like to be 12 games up. I'm probably at daycamp and we're playing wifflebat-tennisball baseball and it's probably time for a popsicle break soon. Man, this team makes me so happy.

  • Anonymous

    That's a beautiful image, Mezz. I'd like to come up with a feeling comparable to being in first place by 12 games, but honestly if anything great in my life ever happens, it will be like being in first place by 12 games.

  • Anonymous

    12 games….that means one more and Antonio Alfonseca would have to take off his shoes to count them.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't the Eddie Murphy character in “Trading Places” Billy Ray Valentine?
    (Note to self: You may, in fact, be able to take GWP down in Trivial Pursuit 80's edition after all.)

  • Anonymous

    You're right Albert… Billy Ray Valentine in Trading Places and Reggie Hammond in 48 Hours & Another 48 Hours (which was coincidentally on yesterday and also chock full of great quotes).

  • Anonymous

    You guys are right. It was literally an “off” day for me yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    No worries man…
    “See a karate man bleeds on the inside… they don't show they weakness… but you wouldn't know anything about that because you a big barry white looking mutha______”
    -Billy Ray

  • Anonymous

    12 games…HOLY HOPPIN' SNOT…
    At the same time, it makes me nervous. There are many points in history where a bigger lead was squandered, just when you thought it had been put away until October.
    “The Giants is dead.” — Chuck Dressen, 1951
    “No way the Yankees catch us.” — Various & sundry Red Sox, 1978
    “Those were the real Mets.” — Leo Durocher, after a victory in New York, 1969
    Just don't nobody say nothin' stooopid, a'ight?

  • Anonymous

    Nothing can possib-ligh go wrong.

  • Anonymous

    To say nothing of pork bellies, which are used to make bacon, which you may find in a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich.

  • Anonymous

    He was wearing my Harvard tie!
    Like he went to Harvard!