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Reality Trumps Satire

I swear, the headlines on ESPN’s baseball page right now read like a two-year-old Onion come to life. Among them:

Report: Torre to be fired, replaced by Piniella

A-Rod: ‘I sucked’

Bonderman: Perfect through five…

Law: No fight in Yanks

Mets sweep Dodgers to advance

New York’s bullpen slams door late…

Beimel apologizes to teammates for cut hand

Fewer than dozen fans greet dazed Yanks in New York

Then you scroll down for the piece de resistance:

Monday Oct. 2: A Bronx Bash

The Yankees haven’t won the World Series since 2000, but they will recapture glory this October. Jayson Stark explains why.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to slamming Red Bull so I can stay awake forever and enjoy this.

19 comments to Reality Trumps Satire

  • Anonymous

    This night is way too good to waste on sleep.

  • Anonymous

    Fell alseep way after two….have been up since seven reading all the papers….listening now to Francessa whining,hedging,zig-zagging…ad nauseum. I love it!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this would be the same bloated ego who proclaimed after the first game (with russo faithfully yapping his agreement) that the tigers were the worst team to get into the post-season in recent memory, maybe ever?

  • Anonymous

    I just want to take a moment to once again implore my fellow Mets fans to please consider the high road and offer congratulations to the New York Yankees on another great season. 97 wins and the American League East Championship is something to be very proud of. Perhaps if the Mets should continue in their post season success and win the World Series the city should consider a parade for both its fine baseball teams. They're both winners in my book.

  • Anonymous

    Acta then proclaimed: “Party in Queens, entierro in the Bronx,” using the Spanish word for burial.
    “Party in Queens, entierro in the Bronx,” Reyes repeated, referring to the Yankees' ouster in Detroit.

  • Anonymous

    Just in a singing mood this weekend. Just a couplet this time, from noted Met fan Billy Joel:
    They said that Queens could stay,
    They blew the Bronx away

  • Anonymous

    This should be the next t-shirt.

  • Anonymous

    Good one, Ray!
    Actually I can't wait to see how many other “noted Met fans” suddenly scurry out of the woodwork in the coming weeks to park their privileged butts in prime seats at Shea, even though they haven't darkened our doorstep since, oh, 2000 or so?
    While those of us who can barely afford to sit in the Upper Deck anymore but do anyway–regardless of success or failure–get to sit at home and watch their smug, smiling countenances wave at us from beneath their brand-new Mets caps.
    Yeah, I'm bitter.

  • Anonymous

    There are true Mets fans out there amongst the celebrities though. Let's see: Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, Kevin James, Jon Stewart (I think), Glenn Close. Who else am I missing?

  • Anonymous

    At the game in Dodger Stadium yesterday, I sat a couple rows behind Dwayne Wayne of “A Different World” who was wearing a Mets jersey and counting down the outs over the final two innings.

  • Anonymous

    They're not the ones I mean. Even though they also rarely darken our doorstep unless we're winning. I mean the bandwagoners. You know the ones. They really irritate me. (Me irritated… hard to imagine, I know.)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Laurie. Here's some of my slightly more original material from the end of last week- my version of Alanis Morrissette's Ironic, updated for our favorite third baseman:
    Isn't it A-Rodic?

  • Anonymous

    Just had to share this:
    `Deeply disappointed' Steinbrenner labels Yankees `sad failure'
    October 8, 2006
    NEW YORK (AP) — Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said he was “deeply disappointed” at his team's elimination in the first round of the AL playoffs, calling it a “sad failure.”
    New York was heavily favored in its series against the Detroit Tigers and won Tuesday's opener 8-4. The Tigers then won 4-3 at Yankee Stadium on Thursday, and swept two games in Detroit, 6-0 Friday and 8-3 Saturday.
    “I am deeply disappointed at our being eliminated so early in the playoffs,” Steinbrenner said in a statement issued Sunday by spokesman Howard Rubenstein. “This result is not acceptable to me nor to our great and loyal Yankee fans. I want to congratulate the Detroit Tigers organization and wish them well. Rest assured, we will go back to work immediately and try to right this sad failure and provide a championship for the Yankees, as is our goal every year.”


  • Anonymous

    Captain Plays-at-Short wasn't gonna switch
    So A-Rod moved to third, just like Jeter's bitch


  • Anonymous

    Oh happy day (oh happy day)
    Oh happy day (oh happy day)
    When Yankees lost (Yankees lost)
    When Yankees lost (Yankees lost)
    And the Mets won (Mets won)
    Onto the NLCS (oh happy day)
    Oh happy day (oh happy day)
    Mets showed us how (oh, they showed us how)
    To win (to win, to win)
    Fight and win (to fight and win)
    Fight and win
    And they taught us how to enjoy
    yes, they did (and live rejoicing)
    Oh yeah, every, every day (every, every day)
    (oh yeah) Every day!

  • Anonymous

    Steinbrenner's publicist is named Howard Rubenstein?
    What a coincidence. A-Rod has an endorsement deal with his sister, Helena.

  • Anonymous

    It's amazing how many celebrities were able to win the online drawing for tickets.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, is that where they get them? I figured they just did like I tried to do, going onto StubHub 72 hours in advance of the fact, not even knowing for sure when the game's going to be Wednesday and gave serious thought to dropping 200 bucks plus shipping and handling for one mezzanine ticket to be picked up at a hotel next to the Stadium which I think I saw dead bodies in during a Sopranos episode once.
    Believe it or not, I'm still considering it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness, what a clever crowd we have here today.
    Kudos, Wanda and Ray!!