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Mets Fans Routinely Treated Like Celebrities


Mets fans liven up every gathering, so much so that the dullest of affairs (a nondescript Washington Nationals victory, for example, for example) can become a mob scene when one of us is spotted. That’s how it went for Matt Murphy of Queens, a Mets fan who presumably couldn’t get a ticket for the big Mets-Braves series at Shea, so he decided to slum at the Phone Booth in San Francisco Tuesday night. Bay Area locals, knowing they have been in unethical possession of a team they refer to as the “Giants” since 1958, were beside themselves with joy to have a real New Yorker and real New York baseball fan in their midst, so much so that they just had to reach out and touch him. Matt needed police protection to save him from his adoring public. It’s true folks — we Mets fans are so magnetic that we just attract well-wishers wherever we go.

Having brightened the evening of aimless Californians, Matt next flew to Australia to break bread with Craig Shipley.

(Photo of a Mets fan causing a frenzy by Brant Ward of the San Francisco Chronicle.)

2 comments to Mets Fans Routinely Treated Like Celebrities

  • Anonymous

    Oh Greg… this is priceless. “Unethical possession.” Love it.
    Long live the NY Giants… Wilpon can shove the Dodgers down our throats until he's blue in the face, but some of us ain't swallowin'.
    And yay Matt Murphy! I always advocate giving the ball back to the person whose achievement it actually was… but in this case, I hope my fellow Met fan squeezes every possible penny out of it. Send your kids to college, Matt. But first, buy your season tickets for the 2009 season at the new Dodger Stadium, Flushing branch.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, I'm so jealous! I've always wanted a baseball thrown by Mike Bascik. Missed my chance back in '03….damn.