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Complete Game Victory

Mike Pelfrey went seven, but details, details…it was a complete game win for the Mets Tuesday night. Honestly, it felt like the first one all season.

The Mets were a complete team for once. They played with complete effectiveness, completely overwhelming the opposition. There've been a few other lopsided scores in their favor this season, but those felt like outliers. This felt like what we were sold and told before the year started.

The 2008 Mets were the undeniably better team on the field last night. They had Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado, and instead of that implying inning-killing at-bats, it meant power. Beltran delivered the keynote address with a three-run bomb in the first and Delgado all but sealed the deal in the sixth by launching one “deep into the New York night,” as goofy, unpredictable Wayne Hagin put it (aside: I really like goofy, unpredictable Wayne Hagin). The Carloses, 90 games in, are at last all asset and zero liability.

There were other goodies as well you didn't have to search too hard to find: another Tatis tater; Argenis Reyes' first base hit and first trip around the bases; the continued offensive blossoming of 38-year-old Damion Easley; Jose topping .300; the evisceration of SI cover boy Tim Lincecum; and, the real highlight in an evening of highlights, Mike Pelfrey winning his fifth consecutive decision. Pelfrey, intermittently grumbled at by certain impatient dopes earlier this season, is the Mets' ace in everything but title at the moment. More nights like this one and his reputation will catch up fast.

Two games above .500 doesn't exactly set the heart atwitter, but tied for second and one back in the loss column sure as heck makes the pulse race. Four wins in a row ain't bad either. It's a long way off the “roll” Matt Yallof was touting the Mets as on afterwards, but the Mets are at least on a croissant — the hot and flaky kind.

Those can be delicious.

8 comments to Complete Game Victory

  • Anonymous

    Before tonight, Lincecum was 10-1 with an ERA under 3. Mets had their way with him. Pelf is becoming the pitcher he ought to be. Delgado got his night lights back.
    I like Jerry by the way. These guys want to play for him.

  • Anonymous

    Dry up those tears all you cry baby non-believers..As I have said all along- let the season play itself out!!!

  • Anonymous

    the evisceration of SI cover boy Tim Lincecum

    IMHO, this makes today's edition of Mike & The Mad Dog a must listen…

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the same thing during the course of the game. I never had a problem with the Giants until listening to Chris Russo constantly pound the Mets.

  • Anonymous

    And I can't wait till 1:05 PM this afternoon to hear Mad Dawg's reaction on how the Mets took care of his beloved Lincecum. And even though the Giants don't hit home runs, nobody can poo-poo Pelfrey's performance because San Francisco can get base hits and Mike held them to three with no walks and five strikeouts over seven innings.

  • Anonymous

    Will never forget jubilant fans chanting, after Bobby Jones' one-hitter to seal the 2000 NLDS, CHRIS RUSSO SUCKS!. True words were never chanted.

  • Anonymous

    And he admitted using a poor choice of words in front of his children last night.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn't help but notice:
    — The longest current winning streak in the majors belongs to none other than the Metropolitan Baseball Club of New York, Inc.
    — No team in either league has been better over the last 10 games than those self-same Metropolitans.
    — There appears to be exactly one starting pitcher in the whole senior circuit who has won every one of his last five straight starts. I won't tell you his name, but his initials are Mike Pelfrey.
    These are not bad things. Let 'em continue, I say.