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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

Jason Fry is a Brooklyn writer whose first memories include his mom leaping up and down cheering for Rusty Staub. Check out his other writing here.

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The Citi Fields of the Mind

The makeup doubleheader begins at 4:10, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms at 5:40, filling the late afternoon and the early evening, and then as soon as Manny Acosta comes in, it stops and leaves you to face the nightcap alone.

You counted on it, relied on it to buffer the passage of time, to keep the memory of a transient 7-6 lead alive, and then just when the opener is all defeat, when you need it to go away most, it drags interminably into a second game.

Last night, September 29, a Wednesday before a Thursday of rain and broken branches and leaf-clogged drains and slick streets, it just went on and on and on. Then it stopped, and our chances of finishing with a winning record were gone.

The 2010 Mets leave you numb. They were designed to leave you numb.

(Apologies to A. Bartlett Giamatti, though I doubt he’d have been so elegiac had he spent nearly seven hours paying attention to this particular team on this particular day.)

25 comments to The Citi Fields of the Mind

  • Inside Pitcher

    Brilliant Greg.

    And, sadly, too true….

  • 9th string catcher

    I think even Jerry wants Jerry to go at this point.

  • Florida Met Fan Rich

    Thank goodness I stopped wasting my time watching this team a few weeks ago! They are really sad.

    I hate to say this, but I do not want them to finish .500 or ahead of the Marlins. Management might use it as propaganda for next year.

    Please!!!…Please!!!…Please!!!…let this seasons end.

    The Nationals series will be “Friend and Family Night” as those will be the only people showing up to the stadium!!

    All fans stupid enough to show up will be guaranteed a foul ball!

    • vertigone

      I may be in the minority here, but I don’t understand this at all. You refuse to watch any of the games, but still spend your time reading and commenting on a Mets blog every day?

  • metsadhd

    I suffered through it all yesterday.
    Games were played with the mute button on.
    Shame reeked from all pores of the stadium with each person being permeated by it.
    I paid $1.11 on stub hub and felt cheated.
    Like being sprayed close-up by a skunk, the stench will be something we will live with for many,many moons.
    The Wilpons have left the fan base with only Job as a comparison point.
    We are too weak and exhausted to even protest.
    Every game should be bring your mutt to the ballpark.
    At least they know the proper reaction to what is going on before them.
    Lifting their legs and squatting is the proper and sole response to this not even rising to the level of a tragedy.
    First the great recession and now the great failure.
    Even Job would be impressed
    Bring on the snow.

  • Fell asleep at 8pm. Glad I did.

  • metsadhd

    What I took from yesterday.
    It is truly weird when me and my friend were the only people in a 5o0 level section.
    People need people to truly enjoy a game live.
    Not enough gear was on sale, so I passed.
    The clam and corn chowder and the flounder sandwich were fine and well priced.
    Put relish on the flounder to kick it up a notch lol
    Was it really necessary to card me when I bought a beer?
    A 63 year old may be flattered but it sure is a waste of time.
    Forgot to take a pic of the Shake Shack in-game without a line but I swear it was true.

    Was it really necessary not to allow folks to sit anywhere yesterday?
    I swear there wasn’t 1500 people in attendance for the first part of the first game.
    Not a lot of wearing of the gear yesterday.
    We should have instituted my idea of collecting our gear and donating them to truly needy people.
    Still not prepared to let go to the season though.
    At least one thing is certain.
    The Mets love to make awful pitchers stars.
    Bush is terrible on merit and he killed us.

    • Dak442

      “Was it really necessary to card me when I bought a beer?”

      I get that this is probably some liability-limiting measure, but some common sense really could go a long way. Last game I attended, a clearly 30-something-ish woman was left fuming at the counter when the vendor wouldn’t sell her two beers because she didn’t bring ID. We “fought the power” by buying her the brews and ostentatiously handing them to her in front of the vendor.

  • Joe D.

    Hi Greg,

    What’ even worse is if tonight’s game is rained out, then the Mets are assured of a losing season with at most, a 80-81 record.

    And what’s even worse that that – well, those who were at Citfield last night would not have heard Keith Hernandez comment about a Brewer hustling all the way to first on a ground out. Mex said to look at that hustle considering it is a “meaningless” game. If these games are meaningless to the players, then why expect fans to pay for “great seats beginning at just $15.00)?

    Hope it was an observation and not a comment on the part of Keith Herndez as well.

  • Guy Kipp

    During the Brewers series, SNY did a video recap of Mets first basemen throughout franchise history. Listen, I know he wasn’t there long, but how ’bout even a brief mention of Rico Brogna. I realize he’s part of a nether-era in Mets history–the mid 1990s–but I thought he was the second-best glove the Mets ever had at 1st base (yes, even better than Olerud), and he was one of the most affable, fan-friendly players the franchise has ever had, albeit briefly.

    • Brogna was mentioned in the discussion of top defensive first baseman, along with Segui and Olerud (post-Keith), but he was absent from the greater narrative.

      But there was plenty of David Ortiz…or am I confusing this with Ken Burns’s documentary?

  • I don’t feel so bad when this is all Greg has to say about a doubleheader.

    One more game for me to write about tomorrow. I am sure my readers will be grateful.

  • “They(It) breaks your heart, (It is) they’re designed to break your heart”

    That just about sums up life as a Mets fan. And with that I’ll be there bright and early on Saturday for GKR Day HOOOORRAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  • metsadhd

    All of us fafif should have a meeting in flushing meadows park, sure to be larger than this weekend’s combined attendance.
    Are the Wilpons in the same bunker with Cheyney?
    Has anyone physically seen eiter zthis month?

  • Florida Met Fan Rich

    ^ Maybe Omar can join your fafif
    meetng! is reporting he wille fired Monday.

    He can bring the hot dogs left over from the Nationals series!

  • Mark Mariniello

    I was sitting in the stands when the first game started at 4:10 on the 29th.We were outnumbered by Brewers fans two to one.It was so empty some guy sneezed on the other side of the field,heard it,and yelled God Bless You.He yelled thank you back.I’ve never been at a game with this much apathy.