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Wright Out, Fright In

David Wright is one second opinion away from going on the Disabled List. MRI revals lower back stress fracture. Examination of Mets roster reveals no obvious alternatives for third base or the batting order. True, he was mostly sucking, but just as true, he’s David Wright.

Rest is allegedly what’s required to get this injury better. Also, Ryan Church should be ready any day.

Sorry, reflexive Mets fan injury-related cynicism and dread kicking in. Hope it doesn’t kick too hard, because then I’ll be day-to-day.

Feel better, kiddo. That run for the senate can wait.

9 comments to Wright Out, Fright In

  • Inside Pitcher

    My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

    Or maybe that’s my advice to myself….

  • oogieball


    Heal up, kiddo, so whoever gets you in the fire sale will have you at full strength.

  • 9th string catcher

    Geez, where are we going to get ourselves a 240 hitter? On the plus side, here comes Daniel Murphy’s next position!

  • Joe D.

    Hi Greg,

    Not only am I now convinced that your expertise extends into the field of sabremetrics.

    I believe your sixth sense was telling you David was injured (even though he didn’t know it himself) and it came out in the seasonal breakdown in your last entry – you were just waiting to see how many of us would pick it up reading between the lines.

  • Chad Ochoseis

    Sure, Ryan Church is ready, but would he be able to find third base this time?

  • richie

    This could be a blessing in disguise. Wright is a stubborn type of player who never wants to take a “blow”. Guys like him need to be protected from themselves. Maybe this time away from the grind of everyday play will give him the rest he needs to reduce his strikeout rate. Maybe, just maybe, he can figure some way out of this slump. A healthy, refreshed Wright could be a boon for the Mets’ lineup.

  • Will in Central NJ

    And suddenly, the revolving door that was the Mets’ age-old third base problem, may start rotating again…

  • Andee

    So what’s all that blather about a fire sale again? Who are we going to sell (or give away for nothing, is more like it) with everybody hurt — Nick Evans? The injuries, weirdly enough, may turn out to be what saves this team in the long run.

    And a lot of this has to go on Wright, for covering it up. I really hate it when players try to play tough guy and deny that there’s a problem and just go out there and blow chunks for weeks and months at a time. It may be a salve to their own egos not to be thought of as “soft,” but dude, if you’re made out of skin, which all people are, you ARE “soft,” and you’re gonna get hurt.

  • So far I love following this team..This is just the next chapter..Lets see what happens.