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Gary Carter, Pull Through

Tough, tough news today where Gary Carter is concerned: four “small tumors” were found on his brain; their status as malignant or benign hasn’t yet been learned.

If there’s any sentiment as obvious as Let’s Go Mets this otherwise sunny Subway Series Saturday, it’s Get Well Kid.

Update: Carter issued a statement explaining he will be examined further this Thursday.

8 comments to Gary Carter, Pull Through

  • Joe D.

    Amen to that.

    We just heard the news ourselves.

  • Will in Central NJ

    Best wishes to Gary and to his family. In addition to his service to the Mets as a WS Champion catcher and as a manager in the minors (St. Lucie), I fondly recall his time and courtesy with me and with other fans at the railing, when he managed the Long Island Ducks.

  • NostraDennis

    Kid did so much work and raised so much money through the Gary Carter Foundation. Now it’s time for those who knew and admired him to do the same. Let’s all pray that these four tumors melt away like a three run deficit in the ninth inning of NLCS Game Six in ’86.

  • Jose Lauzardo(Joey L)

    We heard today.Our thoughts and prayers.Go out to Gary Carter and his family.That he’ll be alright

  • The heart and soul..I cant seperate my deepest feelings about any of those guys..Sometimes you need two strikes before a great at bat..
    Rich P

  • Inside Pitcher

    Hang in there Kid!

  • Eddie Drumz

    I have a true story I would like to share. I worked at this job ten years ago and my co-worker and friend Phil had a brother in Atlanta. One week he took a vacation to visit his brother there and he took his wife and their 10 year old son. The Mets coincidentally were in Atlanta that week and Phil’s brother scored tickets to a Mets-Brave game. Phil took his ten year old son, who was already a huge Mets fan. His favorite player was Darryl Strawberry. After the game, Phil took his son by the player’s gate hoping to catch some of the Mets and get some autographs. Sure enough as fate would have it—Strawberry walks right at Phil’s little boy. The kid nervously asked Strawberry for an autograph to which Strawberry replied “Get lost kid!” Phil’s son– all of ten years old, started to cry. Gary Carter from a short distance away witnessed what had happened and he immediately went to Phil’s son and gave him a baseball which he autographed on the spot and spent ten minutes talking to my friend’s son. Carter stayed and signed autographs mostly for kids for over an hour. Phil—never at a loss for words told Strawberry that he was “a real POS”. That is who Gary Carter is. For anybody who would give Carter a thumbs down today—you should re-think your position. Gary Carter is one of the truly good guys of baseball and if ever there was a time to root for one of the good guys—this is that time. Get well Gary Carter.