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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

Jason Fry is a Brooklyn writer whose first memories include his mom leaping up and down cheering for Rusty Staub. Check out his other writing here.

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20 comments to Our Skyline, Our Kevin

  • SkillSetsMets

    Burkhardt was a bright star in the Madoff Network firmament. He’ll find a nice niche at Fox Sports. The Wilpons will probably go the way ofj the other RSNs and hire some bimbo to replace KB. Gelbs is filler. Need a hot, amply breasted female. Because, Mets.

    • PenaciousH

      Hats off to Kevin! Just glad he’s not going to the Yankees to replace Sterling. Hope he can work in the humor in the Fox gigs.

  • Art Pesner

    Kevin did a superior job in an odd role. Most can’t do it. He is being properly rewarded.

  • Marc R

    I’ve definitely enjoyed the Kevin Burkhardt Era, but . . .

    Isn’t it a bit weird that his 8 years here have coincided with 8 years of heartbreak then futility? Is there a Kurse of Kevin?

  • 9th string

    Well, he’s no Chris Cotter, but…

  • MetsMom

    I like the idea of removing the UN from the Mets logo. The way the UN operates these days, I’d like to remove it from NY too.

  • metsfaninparadise

    He called no clincher, but he was there for the greatest day in Citi Field history–6/1/12.

  • Benwa

    Bring Back Matt Yallof!

  • Ken K. in NJ

    In 52 years I’ve never really pondered the Mets Logo a whole lot, but I’m wondering how it remained unchanged when the World Trade Center was built.

    Was there pressure to include it? Did they decide not to include it because it was so ugly? Or, as I suspect nobody really cared much about such things back then.

    • Dave

      I don’t remember any consideration being given to changing it to include the WTC, but then again, we didn’t have 24/7/365 multimedia about every single thing back then. I suspect that if it was discussed anywhere, the verdict was “this is our logo, we’re not changing it every time a new big building goes up.”

  • Lenny65

    Just leave the damn logo alone, Mets front office. You’ve done more than enough already. And good luck to KB, one of the few action-interrupters who actually made me laugh more than once. We’re just so fortunate to have such a killer broadcasting team. You ever hear some of these local guys around MLB? We’re lucky indeed.

  • C. E. Anderson

    While I understand the desire to keep the logo as it’s always been, I would not be opposed to a special commemoration patch featuring the WTC and Freedom Tower during the September 11 anniversaries. If MLB is going to anal about the players not being able to wear first responders caps during the game, then how could an “alternate” patch not be allowed since it does not really alter the uniform? Just my .02

  • Steve D

    Thanks for the compliment Greg. I’m no art critic, but to me the original logo is a work of art…it represents parts of our city, has a beautiful script, models baseball and is colorful. The space is used well and the buildings look in perfect balance. It was used by the only Met teams to win championships. To change it is to deface a work of art. It has already been defaced to some extent and we have to overlook it at this point and move on. The thought that is was changed either for money or to reward a business partner would have been too much and I believe now that it was not intentional. I am too young to remember the founding days of this franchise, when they had no hope of winning…but man they had a killer logo.

  • Kevin from Flushing

    For those in attendance, KB’s “Johan, you’ve just thrown the first no-hitter in New York Mets history,” was the first call we heard of the event. It makes me smile every time I hear it. He’ll be missed. He was the last flower in a perfect bouquet that is the SNY broadcast team.

    From one Kevin to another, I wish him only the best.

  • Dennis

    Kevin Burhardt will be missed. Although he was knocked for it at times, I thought he did a good job filling in for play by play as well. A class guy and I wish him nothing but the best.

  • Guy Kipp

    Although Kevin Burkhardt’s always been a likeable guy doing a thankless job well, I always thought Matt Loughlin performed comparable tasks just as well on Met telecasts on MSG a decade ago before he moved on to radiocasting Devils games.

    • APV

      You are so right about Loughlin. He was actually the best part of their broadcasts between 1997-2001, the team itself notwithstanding. Sure we had Howie, but he was on TV working alongside an absolute buffoon; hard to be on top of your game when your partner won’t help. Matt was a solid pro and he wasn’t afraid to have fun either. And does anybody remember when MSG and the old Fox Sports New York brought back Kiner’s Korner with Matt setting Ralph up for his stories? Good stuff; at least I thought so.

      In early 2006, I wished Matt would go over to SNY but he had his Devils contract to fulfill and then, as you said, he moved to radio to do PBP; not like Emrick was leaving their TV booth for a while. Good for him as he got to call a Stanley Cup Finals two years ago. So we got Cotter, who to me became “the guy who had no friends” as he’d always do his reports in empty pockets of stadiums. He was ok, but I don’t think he was SNY’s first choice. Kevin took time to warm up to as well, but after Willie Randolph was fired, I learned what a real Met fan he was when he blasted the organization on the air; that made me a fan. The Met fan in me will miss KB; the Giant fan in me doesn’t want to see him for a while, especially after that fourth quarter last Sunday.

  • Al Forino

    I can really relate to the issue of changing the logo. I am convinced King Wilpon did it for the money. Everything this royal family does is about the finances. I have been going to Met games since I was 8. From that first game in 1965 till the last game at Shea, every game began with the singing of OUR song, Meet the Mets. If you didn’t know the words they were printed on the scoreboard, just follow the bouncing ball. I have always thought we should sing that during the 7th inning stretch. Take me out to the ball game is such a Cubs thing. So the first thing I notice at the exhibition games the Mets played against the Red Sox, was that they didn’t sing OUR song anymore. And every Citifield game since, they don’t sing Meet the Mets anymore. My guess is they got tired of paying a royalty fee 81 times a year. The saddest thing about tossing a 40 plus year tradition? That newer Met fans don’t even know the words. No more let’s go down and greet the Mets, bringing the kiddies and the wife. No more socking those home runs over the wall. Not guaranteed to have the times of our life? East side, west side, it’s just pathetic! Yet no one seems to care, which just really sucks.

  • Laura

    Nicely written. I always loved the Mets logo because it shows that a team is more than just its name. We have a city (of diehard fans)

    Kevin has always been a class act. There is something about the way he presented facts that made it interesting. When he covered for others I listened. Most of the regular broadcasts were filled with white noise banter. It was nice to watch him develop. Who knows perhaps down the road he will return as lead broadcaster.