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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

Jason Fry is a Brooklyn writer whose first memories include his mom leaping up and down cheering for Rusty Staub. Check out his other writing here.

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Oh Yes, We Call it the Streak

The Mets winning 11 games in a row.
Dwight Gooden winning 14 games in a row in one season.
Tom Seaver winning 16 games in a row over two seasons.
Tom Seaver striking out 200+ batters a year 9 years in a row.
Tom Seaver striking out 10 batters in a row to finish a game.
Jacob deGrom striking out 8 batters in a row to begin a game.
R.A. Dickey pitching one-hitters 2 starts in a row.
Turk Wendell pitching in 9 games in a row.
Moises Alou hitting in 30 games in a row.
Mike Vail hitting in 23 games in a row as a rookie.
John Olerud reaching base 15 times in a row.
Richard Hidalgo homering in 5 games in a row.
Mike Piazza recording an RBI in 15 games in a row.
Jose Vizcaino recording a hit in 9 at-bats in a row.
Rusty Staub recording a pinch-hit in 8 pinch-hit at-bats in a row.
Jeurys Familia converting 52 saves opportunities in a row.
Jose Reyes playing in 200 games in a row.

And, barring uncooperative weather, electrical shenanigans or some other stripe of catastrophe in the hours ahead, Faith and Fear recapping 2,000 regular-season Mets games in a row.

He was referred to as the Iron Horse, yet how many games in a row did Lou Gehrig blog?

You read that right, if you read it all. We are on the cusp of FAFIF 2,000 (or F2K). There’s Cal Ripken, there’s Lou Gehrig, and then there’s us, if you’re not too picky about what actually happened in our respective consecutive games played/blogged streaks.

Some Mets streaks are more famous than others. Anthony Young’s streak of 27 losses in a row may be the most famous of them all, but it wasn’t delightful. Jose-Jose’s all-time Mets best games-played streak from 2005-2006 isn’t famous at all (even I had to look it up), but it does get at the consistency inherent in our heretofore unknown streak. How obscure is FAFIF’s run at 2,000? You’ve just now heard of it. Jason only heard of it last week when I told him about it, and he’s one of the two bloggers responsible for it. Nevertheless, this streak is real and it is spectacular. Or maybe it’s just real. I don’t know. We started a blog before the beginning of the 2005 season, we recapped the first game (a loss), we recapped the next game (a loss) and we kept going until suddenly we were up to 1,999 on Sunday (a loss).

Contrary to the impression I’ve crafted directly above, they haven’t all been losses. The Mets’ record since we’ve taken it upon ourselves to have something to say out loud about every game they’ve played is 1,011 wins and 988 losses. That, like Jeurys’s streak, takes into account the regular season only. For the record, we’ve recapped 25 postseason games in a row. We’d be happy to recap more of those.

We don’t know when more of those will be available. We do know a game between the Mets and Rangers is scheduled tonight and, should it be played to a decision, we plan to tell you our thoughts about it sometime between its final out and the first pitch of the game after it, which projects as the 2,001st in our streak.

Not to get ahead of ourselves. As has been the case since April 4, 2005, we blog ’em one game at a time.

17 comments to Oh Yes, We Call it the Streak

  • Ray

    I’s just goin’ down thar to the Shake Shack to get Ethel a snow
    cone. And here come Mr. Met, right out of the cheap seats, dribbling, rightdown the middle of the Coca Cola Corner. Didn’t have on nothing but his fingers. I hollered up
    at Ethel, I said, “Don’t look, Ethel!” But it was too late. She’d
    already got a free shot. Grandstandin’, right there in front of the home team.

  • Joe Nunz

    .05% of the games have been no-hitters pitched by the Mets.

  • Dave

    If you guys are 1011-988, you’re ahead of the team’s history, so you’re obviously a positive influence and doing something right. You know, maybe if you had started this blog in 1962, Mets’ all-time W-L would be better. Just saying.

  • Curt

    You guys are gonna need a blog Wiki. Or at least a stats page. This is baseball – we LOVE numbers.

    Very impressed.

  • Brad

    Speaking of numbers, deGrom’s numbers in the last two games are pretty bad.

  • Ken K. in NJ

    Excellent! Congratulations. I’ve been along for the ride for about 2/3 of that time I’d guess, and it’s been something I look forward to every time they play. It makes the losing so much more fun…

  • Gil

    Congratulations! It’s quite a feat. Here’s to 2,000 more. And maybe, just maybe, the Mets winning a baseball game.

  • metscoast

    Salutations and continued success on a high-quality blog! As a fellow writer, I know the pleasure of seeing one’s own creation in print and in electronic pixels. I especially laud you for keeping it fresh and interesting, even when, like now, the team is not! That must be especially hard to do, but you manage to pull it off.

    Wow, is the pitching bad, or what? I think they’re setting a record for most Mets losses in a season in which they’ve scored 5+ runs, more than enough to win on most days with our (usually) good pitching from prior years. Ah, but this is 2017, with elastically-juiced baseballs. Even our beloved Jacob deGrom got shelled again! As for his possible gem, he just pitched the anti-no-hitter. *sigh* smh

  • 9th string catcher

    Here’s hoping 2002 is a happier recap.

  • Will in Central NJ

    Congratulations and thanks for being our tour guides!

  • […] Oh Yes, We Call it the Streak »    […]

  • Pete In Iowa

    Real AND spectacular I’d agree!! Er — this blog that it, not the team it happens to be covering these days. (Although they sure are real….)

  • Jacobs27

    The advent of this fine blog corresponded to a renewal of my interest in the​ Mets’ day to day doings (and undoings). Not coincidentally at that juncture, the Mets became interesting again. Thanks for all you do, Greg and Jason.