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It Ain’t Over

A leading candidate to be rerun into perpetuity by SNY during future rain delays as part of Abysmal Finishes: 2019 has received a reprieve, having been suspended in damp midair by the powers that be wanting to get to bed at a decent hour. Thus, Edwin Diaz did not blow Thursday night’s game against the Cardinals. He blew a two-run lead and turned a very victory-leaning trajectory into a straight-up tie by coming out of cold storage in the top of the ninth at soggy Citi Field and permitting St. Louis every opportunity to catch and pass the Mets. The Cardinals opted for no more than the runs it took to bring things to a frustrating deadlock.

Then the sog took over f’reals. There had a tad earlier been some late-game rain that Pete Alonso wished away and, somehow, the umpires listened to him. This is not code, at least as far as could be deduced from television. There was a tarp coming out to cover the field, brought there by groundskeepers whose presence in these matters is never appreciated despite their hard work. Alonso had a word with the men in blue, and suddenly the tarp was told to take a hike.

The tarp should have just ignored Pete. Perhaps a better-timed timeout would have allowed a torrent to drench Citi soon enough and long enough so that instead of pretending suspending a game is a sensible option, they could have called it with the Mets ahead, 4-2, after eight. But, noooooo. The game had to go on to enough of an extent that instead of high-fiving one another over the Mets taking a rain-shortened affair and Jacob deGrom being credited with one of those things he went an entire Cy Young campaign barely getting, we got Diaz and slop and Amed Rosario not handling a relay throw and Harrison Bader driving in Kolten Wong with the Cardinals’ fourth run after Wong had singled in Marcell Ozuna with the Cardinals’ third run two outs after Ozuna walked to start the inning.

Somewhere deGrom was likely firing his glove at something in disgust. He will not be blamed if he does. Slow-burn displays of temper are an occupational hazard a person develops after being the Mets’ most consistent yet consistently unrewarded starting pitcher season after season.

There were some highlights before Thursday took a turn for the low. Jacob was fine for seven innings of two-run ball. The first run charged to him came via a dopey single that occurred because of a maddening shift (this is not an indictment of all shifts, just those that turn harmless ground balls into opposition RBIs) and one of those dang home runs that are ruining baseball (which is to say home runs hit against our pitchers). Michael Conforto’s quietly splendid resurgence added some splend with a two-run homer. Dom Smith continued to rake meaningfully. Seth Lugo was money. Before the ninth completely crumbled, there was a very nice throw from Carlos Gomez that did momentarily make it appear Diaz wouldn’t blow the first save opportunity he’s seen since he sipped his lattes at Cafe Nervosa in Seattle, where if he had a bad outing, it was all right, because I didn’t care.

My sources are telling me Edwin Diaz has fourteen saves as a Met, one of which was recorded within the past week. I am trying to confirm this report because I don’t believe it.

All the pleasant morsels of what loomed as a relatively smooth win were scattered in the top of the ninth; and then a tarp of ill will covered them; and then, after 50 minutes of waiting, crew chief Jeff Kellogg consulted with special advisor Emily Litella, who said, “never mind,” so that’s what they did for Thursday. Thursday’s game now becomes the warmup for Friday’s main event. The bottom of the ninth will pick up at 6:10 PM and end whenever the hell it feels like ending. This will be the eighth completion of a suspended or otherwise officially interrupted game in Mets history, the fourth since 2013. The Mets are 4-3 when getting around to finishing contests held in abeyance for unforeseen reasons that have included a blackout, a travel-related curfew, an upheld protest, darkness and — as has been the case the last three times — stupid rain.

I’d be more disgusted from this debacle, but who knows, we may still come back and win it in stirring fashion.


May 25, 2013:
“As we finished our takeout — Mama’s for me, Daruma for Stephanie — I wondered if we should sit tight. Perhaps Club Amenity was lucky for these Mets. Then again, we also saw them fall behind, 7-5, from the same table, so let’s get out to our seats already and enjoy the big comeback! We got halfway down the Excelsior concourse when the game ended sans big comeback. So much for history.”

June 28, 2015:
“Duda from the growth chart was up. Dozens of growth charts got themselves unfolded, waved and mysteriously hung from the rafters (who thought to bring so much Fun-Tak to a ballpark?). The positive energy was too much for Joey Votto to bear, for when Lucas bounced unto him the absolutely perfect ball to fire home to force Herrera, thereby setting up Cuddyer’s inevitable inning-ending DP, he instead muffed it like crazy.”

August 29, 2018:
“It didn’t take long for the ivy-covered walls to come crashing in. An intentional walk was issued. An out was recorded. A pitching change was made. Daniel Zamora entered. Ben Zobrist batted. This was a classic Z-on-Z matchup. Zobrist bested Zamora, singling up the middle (where’s a shift when you need it?) to alphabetically clear away what remained of the night before’s soggy leftovers.”

17 comments to It Ain’t Over

  • Greg Mitchell

    Diaz has been shaky all year–isn’t it great to have a closer who can’t seem to get the first guy out? Alonso apparently has more confidence in him than I do. So Brody gives away the store, and a ton of committed money for years, for a .250 “iron man” hitter who has twice been on the IL (did he know he was 36 and people age?) and a closer who can’t close even as dependably as….Hansel Robles for the Angels this year. And we shall not mention Lowrie who fell apart–as he has done almost every year…BTW, did anyone else think Alonso when he was playing the anti-rainmaker was having fun adopting a real polar bear look and then it turned out he was just keeping his glove dry under his shirt? He actually looked more liked the famed baseball clown Max Patkin.

  • Dave

    Oh, it’s over. Make no mistake, it’s definitely over. It’s all over but the trading of veterans that other teams only want as badly as “I’ll give you Jacob Rhame for him.” It’s all over but the change in the employment status of some uniformed non-players, which will make no difference whatsoever. Yeah, it’s over.

  • LeClerc

    I’m so glad DeGrom got his contract.

    Consistent non-support from his maladroit team-mates.

    Laugh all the way to the bank Jake.

  • Gil

    deGrom must be cursed.

  • mikeL

    ugh, what an ugly 9th!

    shame gomez wasn’t playing ‘no doubles’

    isn’t there a coach in the dugout responsible for positioning (beyond the common sense of the veteran outfielder)?

    and yes, 14 saves?
    for that we got cano(ld)

    just glad brodie didn’t ship off mcneil as part of that great deal. i hear reyes will be back before the deadline…to replace the still injured lowrey.

    david wright : please call mr alonso to let him know the derby may mess up his swing for 2nd half.

    better his blasts actually count, no?

  • K. Lastima

    How fitting will it be if (when?) they lose this suspended game and never again get back to .500, when all they had to do was let the grounds crew do its job so the umps would call it for a Mets win so they could get back to the hotel before room service cut-off. But not so for the mighty Mets who are too proud to take a rain shortened “W” . . oh, no, we’ll accept nothing less than the glory of a regulation 9-inning victory. I guess this is one of the perils when an organization has labored under such a sustained lack of leadership that a rookie has filled the void, with the result that his youthful zeal overrode common sense to get off the field, avoid injury and take the damn “W”. And, of course, Mick, the not so quick, was asleep at the switch again as the theater of the absurd played out in front of him . . . far be it from him to maybe go out and have a word with the umps about risk of injury, etc., once he saw events being orchestrated by the well-intentioned but misguided rookie Alonso

    • mikeL

      …this playing out of alonso’s zeal was part II to his diving catch of bunted third strike -and nullification of K – on degrom’s previous start.
      in un-metsian fashion, pete did not suffer a season/career-ending injury on that (mis)play…so perhaps there is hope.

  • LeClerc

    Mickey has certainly become part of the clubhouse furniture.

    But why not let a Barcalounger do the pressers?

  • Ken K. in NJ

    The PS is exactly what I was wondering about when the game was suspended. And I knew exactly where to look first. Thank You!

  • mikeL

    sure, why *not* let the guy who coughed up the save cough up the game!?

    and why not give the very hot frazier the green light on 3-0?? you need only one run. can only make one out.

    thanks mickey.

    can we just DFA brodie and all of his agent-in-GM-clothing signings (and make him take mickey with him)

    let lugo close…keep mcneil at 2B

    this BVG experiment is all but…

    yes, over :-/

  • open the gates

    So, let me get this straight. Mickey Callaway let his rookie first baseman talk the umps into calling off a rain delay in a home game in which his team was up by two in the eighth.

    Words fail me.

    Update – didn’t realize until just now that Mickey managed the hold into a loss.

    Words continue to fail me.

  • Cardinals 5 Mets 4 (F- 10). They should have let it rain when it was Mets 4 Cardinals 2.

  • K. Lastima

    Cue the Fat Lady … it’s over

  • mikeL

    familia was very snakebit/damaged before he left tjhe mets…so sure why not take a chance on him for THREE MORE YEARS?!

    i hated the signing when it went down. and we have to watch him repeoduce his worst post-season failures nearly EVERY NIGHT.

    what else might have $30M purchased??

    may the fire sale begin TONITE!

    yelling at the TV is no way to spend the summer.

  • LeClerc

    Courtesy of Steve Serby:

    “Not a bull pen – a pig pen.”