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Hey, Fuhgeddaboudit!

Unlike those Let’s Make a Deal-type distractions they run between innings on CitiVision, a day/night doubleheader is not a “double or nothing” proposition. The Mets didn’t risk their Saturday afternoon prize by opting to play again a few hours later. Hence, they get to keep their 5-1 win despite being saddled with the 11-3 loss that awaited them in the Colorado darkness. That’s a relief…even if “that’s a relief” is not a phrase you heard yourself thinking as Adonis Medina and Chasen Shreve went about permitting seven runs in the bottom of the sixth.

I’m surprised MLB’s engagement with gambling consortiums hasn’t led to a “risk it all” element to spice up twinbills. I mean for the standings, not the gambler. Win twice, get four Ws. Lose the nightcap, slide down behind the Nationals.

Enough giving Manfred’s marketing marauders dangerous notions. Although Daylight Savings Time is already in progress, what say we set our Met clocks ahead to 3:10 PM New York time, direct Brandon Nimmo to the on-deck circle (as if he’s not already there practicing taking) and get on with the first pitch of Sunday’s game, all the better to forget Saturday night’s affair?

What Saturday night affair? See, it’s already forgotten!

3 comments to Hey, Fuhgeddaboudit!

  • open the gates

    …and the Denver weather beats up a not-so-funky cold Medina and chases Chasen Shiver. Brrr. Whose idea was it to play baseball in the freakin Rocky Mountains anyway? Hey Metsies, come on home to sultry NYC. We miss you guys.

  • eric1973

    Saving your closer for the future when he is really needed takes me back to TC and how he would bring in his closer, a then-effective Familia, to protect the 9 run leads in the 9th inning.

    Inevitably, he would throw too many pitches, sometimes need to be taken out, and then be unavailable for the next two days.

    Never enough time in the day to kick around old TC.

  • Eric

    The game 2 loss was about as easy to take as a loss can be. Mood cushioned by an all-around satisfying game 1 win. Old-fashioned blowout in game 2 without frustrating game-losing miscues, at least none that seemed to matter once the Rockies blew the game open. No ace’s precious Cy Young-chasing ERA defiled. No closer’s myth of inevitability punctured. No one injured.

    It was a chalk it up as one of the 54 (or 60) given losses, turn the page, “Fuhgeddaboudit!”, and play tomorrow (today) type of game.