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It’s About Old Time

Lest it get a little lost in free-floating anxiety over the Mets’ recent woes (two consecutive losses and 46 of their last 125), let’s get excited over the return of Old Timers Day. Let’s use an exclamation point to express that excitement!

Old Timers Day! It’s back!

In the spirit of no longer having to campaign for Gil Hodges’s election to the Hall of Fame or Keith Hernandez’s 17 to be retired, those of us who have continually asked, “Why don’t the Mets resume Old Timers Day?” finally have our answer: it’s back, never mind that it was gone far too long.

The official count of former Mets who say they will tip a cap and maybe play a little on Saturday at Citi Field is 65, ranging from Mets who were Mets in 1962 to Mets who were Mets seemingly five minutes ago. If you’ve watched the Mets all your life, they were all Mets seemingly five minutes ago.

It’s a coming together of the generational tribes befitting a franchise celebrating its 60th birthday this season. It’s the best thing this ownership could have done besides build a World Series contender. They managed to walk and chew gum in sync. We are grateful for the demonstration of such core competencies.

Hope you’ll be there or watching from somewhere on Saturday. Gates open at 3:30, with Old Timers batting practice underway. Introductions begin at 4:30. A two-inning game during which one expects rules to be enforced only casually will follow. Then the 2022 Mets play the 2022 Rockies, with anxieties accompanying the action if that’s your jam.

Part of the fun of looking forward to this first Old Timers Day since 1994 has been talking about it on National League Town with my co-host Jeff Hysen. On the newest episode, we salute the three E’s we never minded penciling onto our scorecard: Endy Chavez, Edgardo Alfonzo and Eddie Kranepool. We’ve talked about a bunch of the Old Timers the last few weeks and found the time to dissect the current-day squad’s machinations as well. I’d appreciate your checking out the only podcast explicitly devoted to Mets Fandom, Mets History and Mets Life on the platform of your choice.

6 comments to It’s About Old Time

  • Seth

    Lost 46 of their last 125? It’s even worse than I thought!

    I hope covers the proceedings, that’s my only hope. For some reason the universe doesn’t want you to see SNY if you’re out of market.

  • Dave

    Tickets to Old Timers Day were this year’s Father’s Day gift, and while seeing the former Mets who will be there is going to be lots of fun, but I’m also going to enjoy sitting back and wondering where some others are. Lenny Randle? Bruce Boisclair? Where are Bubba Trammel and Lance Broadway? What about Larry Bowa and Tommy Herr, both of whom gave the Mets the best years of their careers?

    • The likes of us would be willing to start at 8 in the morning and everybody there. There was apparently a ceiling on how many Old Timers there could be. Fortunately, I’m guessing Lance Broadway would be happy to meet you on his favorite street for a chat when mutually convenient.

  • eric1973

    Looking forward to seeing all our guys, especially from 1969 and through the 70’s.
    Would have liked to have seen Jerry Koosman and Wayne Garrett. And Willie Mays, of course.

  • Cobra Joe

    Former New York Mets We’ll Never See At The Old Timers’ Game:

    Juan Samuel

    Jason Bay

    Jordany Valdespin

    Guillermo Mota

    Jeff Kent

    Vince Coleman

    Greg Jeffries

    Roberto Alomar

    Robinson Canoe

    Victor Zambrano

    Jennry Mejia

    Richie Hebner

    Jonathan Niese

    Zack Wheeler

  • Joey G

    I wonder if Roger McDowell is preparing any hot-foots for the gathered alumni. Kudos to Steve Cohen for making this happen; it will be thrilling and also a little sad to see our heros from days of yore shoehorn into baseball uniforms usually two or three sizes too small (no offense intended to Vogey and Wayne Kirby). Wouldn’t it be great to see Joe Torre hit into a double play behind Felix Millan? The ultimate for me would be a single Willie Montanez at bat (or at least the San Diego Chicken version). Maybe next year!