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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

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As in '69 and '86, We Have a Winner

Congratulations go out to David Anderson, Jr., who dug up all 20 correct answers to our Flashback Friday quiz. He wins the A&E Home Video release, The New York Mets Vintage World Series Films DVD, featuring the 1969 and 1986 triumphs to end all triumphs…except, hopefully, for another triumph that will arrive in short order. The disc is graciously provided by A&E, which can tell you how to purchase it for your baseball library.

He also gets the KT Tunstall CD Eye to the Telescope because my wife and I each bought on a copy on the same day and I’m too lazy to return mine.

A “well-played!” to Ray Stilwell, a.k.a. Metphistopheles, for sending in a very entertaining set of answers, 19 of which were dead on, one of which got tangled in a legal interpretation, a concept with which I’m guessing he’s familiar. I know he’s intimately familiar with his Mets postseason history, which you should read here. Ray has earned a Wild Card prize to be determined by the judges.

The answers…

1. What did my mother refer to Danny Heep as?

A dunner

2. Where did Joel and I go for lunch when Opening Day II was rained out?


3. What did Mr. Jarvis at the hobby shop trade Geoff Hayton for a ball autographed by the ’86 Mets?

Santa Cruz dots skateboard wheels

(This was where Ray got tripped up. He said it was a skateboard, which was pretty close, but wheels are wheels. Either way, Mr. Jarvis best start running the other way right quick, for in addition to living in the shadow of Geoff’s grudge, he has just earned a lifelong enemy in the Buffalo area.)

4. Who didn’t expect her husband to take his shoes off after a game?

Margie Backman

5. What was the theme of the 1986 Old Timers Day?

The Mets’ 25th Anniversary

6. When the ticker-tape parade crowd began booing Mayor Koch, who did he start to introduce?

The Board of Estimate

7. What distracted Larry Russo from witnessing Ray Knight’s walkoff hit off of Tim Burke?

A paper airplane

8. Who referred to Keith Hernandez as “dark, reflective, analytical, urban”?

Pete Hamill

9. What movie did Fred and I want to see instead of Stand By Me?

Reform School Girls

10. To what tune did I compose my own idiotic Super Bowl XXI song parody, “Giant Steps to Pasadena”?

“Walk Like An Egyptian”

11. What pitcher’s name did I invoke to shut up Danny the Yankee fan in Tampa?

Britt Burns

12. Who spiked Jason’s foot in St. Petersburg?

Wally Backman

(As Ray noted, “See what happens when you’re not used to taking your own shoes off?”)

13. What was Dwight Gooden’s ERA in the 50 starts that preceded his first loss of 1986?


14. In what 2006 film does the main character declare, “I hate the Mets”?

Game 6

15. By what nickname did I refer to Rick Aguilera in my journal entry of July 23, 1986?

Rick “Rock Me” Aguilera

16. What brand of gasoline did Gary Carter endorse?


17. Why did my friend Chuck tell me he rooted for the Mets?

For my sake

18. What was the Newsday back page headline that captured the essence of the age in June of ’86?

Ho-Hum. Another Win.

19. What was the front page headline of El Diario on September 18, 1986?


20. Which six seasons attempted to haunt me on one particular Friday?

1971, 1976, 1981, 1991, 1996, 2001

8 comments to As in '69 and '86, We Have a Winner

  • Anonymous

    I think you need to get Ray a skateboard, or at least a set of wheels.
    And he's too much of a gentleman to point out that not only did he fail to win that sweet DVD, but he got his name misspelled to boot.. (Fortunately, I'm no gentleman.)
    The poor guy's had this problem since at least he and I were in Mr. Nastri's 8th grade math class at Woodland Junior High.
    It's one L in the middle, two L's at the end – Stilwell. That must be why he goes by his much easier to spell blog name.

  • Anonymous

    Ironically (I guess this is irony), I originally spelled the name of the guy who traded the ball for the wheels wrong when relating his story in February. This whole episode is cursed. I sure hope Mr. Jarvis at the hobby shop has choked on it by now.
    Correction made. Nice wingmanning.
    Didn't go to junior high with him, but I can tell Ray's a class act. You too, ND.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Jarvis didn't happen to be Jane's husband, did he?

  • Anonymous

    I think that KT Tunstall album is damn good, which just makes no sense for a Figgs fan.

  • Anonymous

    That would explain a lot.
    Or maybe nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Why not? Did KT egg their tour bus or something?

  • Anonymous

    Her obituary said it best:
    “Mrs. Jarvis always attributed both her happy marriage and long tenure at Shea to her unparalleled skill with the organ.”

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Jarvis is still with us as far as we know, but she could tickle the Thomas, no doubt about it.
    The Thomas Organ, you pervs.