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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

Jason Fry is a Brooklyn writer whose first memories include his mom leaping up and down cheering for Rusty Staub. Check out his other writing here.

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The 49th Parallels

With my incurring a 49th birthday today, I received a number of touching messages from Mets who can truly relate to being 49. Thought I’d share them with you.

“Let me be the FIRST to wish you happy birthday.”
Don Aase

“I’ll see to it that your birthday’s perfect even if it falls to me to ensure that perfection.”
John Stephenson

“Too banged up — again — to write much.”
Jon Niese

“Wanna meet for lunch? I could really go for Howard Johnson.”
Walt Terrell

“How about dessert? I could really go for a cone.”
Ed Hearn

“We should get together for a drink. You pick the place this time.”
Dyar Miller

“TODAY’S the big day? Cripes, I’m not ready yet.”
Phil Humber

“I didn’t have time to get you anything while I was in town, but next year I promise I’ll have something memorable for you.”
Brad Clontz

“Let me know what you think of the book. It’s ‘Meditations In An Emergency’. It really got me through some challenging times one summer.”
Don Schulze

Felix Heredia

Ruddy Lugo

“Listen, I feel terrible about blowing out all those candles when you were looking forward to the big finish. Just my instinct for blowing kicking in at the absolutely biggest moments, I guess. But I did save you some cake. No, not the really important pieces, but here’s some I saved like back in June. Those are important, too, if you think about it. I mean, c’mon, we wouldn’t even have made it to end of the year in position to have some of the tastier portions of this cake if not for what I did earlier. Right? Right?”
Armando Benitez

17 comments to The 49th Parallels

  • InsidePitcher


    Happy Birthday Greg :)

  • Joe D.

    Happy,happy 49th Greg, from Mary Jane and myself and many, many more to come.

    How does it feel to now be going on 50?

  • Will in Central NJ

    Happy Birthday, Greg, from someone who’s about two weeks behind you on the path to age 49. If I did my math correctly, I would’ve been conceived right around when the Pirates completed their 3-game sweep of the 1962 Mets’ first-ever homestand, dropping Casey’s boys to an inglorious 0-4.

    Somewhat strange thinking on my part, all right, but hey, don’t we all think of where we were when important Met events occurred? *Chuckle*

  • JerseyJack

    Happy Belated Birthday, Greg. Watch it – you’re catching up to me !!… Hope it was a great one!

  • Kevin From Flushing

    Brad Clontz wish: brilliant. Happy birthday. Here’s to many more years of gratifying obscure Mets references.

    It’s year 31 for me, so it’s sure to start out strong, at the very least.

    • You mean there’s such a thing as an obscure Mets reference? Doesn’t everybody remember Dyar Miller’s fine and suspension for drinking in the hotel bar?

  • Ken K. in NJ

    (Doesn’t everybody remember Dyar Miller’s fine and suspension for drinking in the hotel bar?)

    I thougt that was Casey’s rule because that’s where HE drank. I guess they never changed the rule. BTW, I always loved the way Bob Murphy pronounced “Dyar”.

    Hey, 49s easy, wait til you hit the 60’s. It’s getting serious for me but I don’t mind, because that means I was a teenager in the Met’s first season AND when the Beatles first hit town.

    Have a great one!

    • I wonder what the rule is on hotel minibars. (And thanks.)

      • dmg

        greg, sad but true fact: i still have that can of rheingold from a somewhat earlier bday celebration. i intend to open it only when the mets win their next pennant. (as you might imagine, it was thisclose to being opened in 2006, before being shoved into the back of the fridge again.)

        • Still have mine, too — saved one “gift bag” intact from the big day…or what seemed like the big day just over nine years ago. Forty seems like small potatoes with fifty just over the horizon.

          Mmm…small potatoes…

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