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Impossible to Not Believe

FLUSHING (FAF) — The New York Mets did not come back to defeat the Washington Nationals, 7-6, Friday night, as Todd Frazier did not hit a game-tying, ninth-inning, three-run homer off Nationals closer Sean Doolittle, not setting up an immediate second rally that didn’t culminate in Michael Conforto driving home Juan Lagares with the winning run that did not send Citi Field into a pennant race frenzy.

When Conforto did not line Doolittle’s final pitch over right fielder Adam Eaton’s head for what wasn’t the first walkoff hit of Conforto’s career, Conforto’s Mets teammates did not storm from the first base dugout, did not giddily tackle him to within an inch of his life and did not tear his jersey from his torso, just as the fans who did not see the Mets take their fourteenth victory in fifteen tries did not depart the ballpark relentlessly chanting “Let’s Go Mets.” Skeptics who didn’t believe the Mets could succeed against stiffer competition than they’ve recently played were not quieted for at least one evening.

The Mets did not overcome the first of two three-run deficits when Pete Alonso and J.D. Davis did not launch back-to-back fourth-inning home runs off Nationals starter Stephen Strasburg. For Alonso, it wasn’t his 38th home run, not moving him closer to both the National League rookie record and the Mets’ all-time single-season standard. The Mets did not snap out of an offensive stupor versus the stellar Strasburg, while Marcus Stroman, making his first home start as a Met, did not dazzle Nationals hitters with seven strikeouts across the first three frames of an eventual six-inning outing.

Earlier in the day, the Mets did not sign the recently released San Francisco Giants second baseman Joe Panik, who didn’t join Stroman and reliever Brad Brach as Metropolitan Area-bred additions to the New York roster, each of whom doesn’t have an All-Star appearance in his background. Panik did not contribute a key single to the ninth inning onslaught that didn’t rattle Doolittle and the Nationals to their very core. (To make room for Panik, the Mets did not designate for assignment Adeiny Hechavarria solely to avoid paying him a substantial bonus he would have been due had they not gracelessly cut him and his highly useful glove loose.)

It was not an all-around team effort that didn’t elevate the Mets to perhaps the most dramatic triumph they’ve never notched in the eleven-year history of Citi Field. Amed Rosario didn’t make a leaping grab of Brian Dozier’s sixth-inning bid for a two-run single in addition to not collecting another three base hits. Before he didn’t launch his awe-inspiring home run to deep left field in the ninth, Frazier didn’t have the presence of mind to nail Juan Soto attempting to score in the sixth. Wilson Ramos did not deliver a clutch line drive that wasn’t crucial in creating one of the most amazing ninth innings the Queens ballpark has never witnessed. Luis Avilán did not strike out the only two batters he didn’t face to not raise his record to 3-0.

Without the win, he Mets did not maintain their amazing momentum in the Wild Card race, not trimming the Nationals’ advantage over the National League pack and not keeping pace with the Brewers, Cardinals, Phillies and Diamondbacks, as they don’t sit a half-game out of a playoff spot after wallowing at the bottom of the standings for most of the season.

That’s because nothing like this could possibly be happening.

26 comments to Impossible to Not Believe

  • dmg

    That game was not the single greatest regular-season game, let alone win, I and my son had never attended at Citi.

  • LeClerc

    One of the greatest Mets games ever.

    Errata: When writing of Panik – you wrote “Luis Avilan”. An entirely excusable mistake in the aftermath of such an emotional, shirt-ripping affair.

    Stroman battled Strasburg to an inspiring six-inning draw (102 pitches). Why did Mickey bring him out in the seventh inning ?

  • 9th string catcher

    I definitely did not like this recap, and by no means did I rush to read it this morning.

  • Greensleeves

    Not buyin’ any of this.

  • mikeL

    i’m not surprised.
    (see what i did there? ;0)

  • Ken K. in NJ

    I’ve been reading this blog for probably 8 or 9 years, and made numerous comments. I’d say 90% of them have been at least partially sarcastic and/or negative (hey, I’m a Mets Fan).

    But this time, just..


  • Greg Mitchell

    Certainly the loudest crowd since Wild Card game vs. Giants. Got to get the announcers how out of leftfield though. All they could comment on was the outfielders’ positioning and how fast Alonso’s drive got over their heads.

    One of those comebacks that blissfully eliminates the stewing that might have lasted until morning due to: Mickey leaving Stroman, and then Wilson, in; reminders of how slow and bad Ramos is as catcher courtesy of that “wild pitch” in 9th; the fact that .180 banjo hitter Lagares cannot even bunt (let alone hit). Glad Brodie is trying, with Panik and Brach, but unless Capt. Nimmo is ready in a few days he desperately needs to pick up an OF. This has to be the worst bench in NL. I actually had to laugh during the game when they flashed the names on the screen: Altherr, Luis G., Nido, Lagares. Is Kelly Johnson still mobile?

    • Flynn23


    • mikeL

      paging rajai davis

      still wondering why his stay was so brief – esp with 2 former infielders in there and lagaras and althier being near automatic outs.

      davis has speed, thump, and world series pedigree (nearly eliminating the cubs but for the non-rain delay rain delay)

      • Jacobs27

        I think Rajai Davis was hurt for a while in Syracuse, but he seems to have come back. If Lagares doesn’t start hitting, we may see him.

  • Michael in CT

    Bottom of the ninth, down 3, coming back to win it, reminds me of the bottom of the 10th, down 2, coming back to win it in Game 6 of the ’86 WS. I know that is sacred territory, but for sheer improbability – much more likely NOT to happen – the two games seem comparable. Frazier’s HR was one of the most clutch you will ever see.

  • ljcmets

    This game will be a Met Legend, taking its place with The Imperfect Game, the Black Cat Game, the Shoe Polish Game, the Ball-off-the-Wall Game, the Sixth Game in Houston, the Gets-by-Buckner Game, the Grand-Slam-Single Game, the Ten-Run-Inning Game, the First Game After 9/11, the Wright-Beats-Rivera Game, the Walk-It-Off-Wilmer Game, and the Asdrubal’s Bat-Flip Game (please add to the list!) Whenever and Wherever Mets Fans gather, they will know each other by a phrase that could only refer to this game. What will we call it? My early morning line is leaning toward The Scooters Game.

  • ljcmets

    One more….and I can’t believe I left this out because I was there at Shea….Lenny Walks Off Game Three.

  • Steve D

    I am guilty also of commenting mainly in times of extreme, which of course with this franchise is usually for the wrong reason. I did post a few weeks ago that I was less pessimistic than usual, as we finally groomed a power hitter from within and if the starting pitching got hot, all that really needed to be fixed was the bullpen. The last piece is we need a Tug McGraw out there. Will Diaz turn it around, a la the real Tug, or will Lugo become our closer?

    Tonight is huge.

  • Left Coast Jerry

    I was going to save this to reply to a commenter who feels obligated to tell us how well Kelenic is doing in A ball, but since I didn’t read what you didn’t write about last night’s game, I’ll bust it out now.

    In the movie, Kelly’s Heroes, Donald Sutherland played a wonderful character called Oddball who said:

    Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

  • Ray

    No Doolittles were involved in an accident on the M-1 today when a Lorry carrying High-octane fuel was in collison with a bollard. A spokesman for Doolittles said he was glad no Doolittles were involved. The Minister of Technology today met the three Russian leaders to discuss a 4 million pound airliner deal….None of them went in the batting cage, or gave up a home run hitting the Serval Zipper sign, or had millet and sunflower seeds after hitting the showers.Yum, Yum

  • Dave

    When the Mets did not win last night it may have been the result of Callaway’s effective bullpen management.

  • Mark Mehler

    Suggested title: Amazin’ Yet Again.

  • NostraDennis

    I love that my skeptical comment yesterday was proven to be heresy so quickly. LFGM indeed!

  • Eric

    Yep on Adeiny Hechavarria. With his bat cooled off and Joe Panik added, hard to say Hechavarria offered more than Luis Guillorme on the field, but the DFA still doesn’t sit well.

    Word is that Marcus Stroman was initially disappointed to be traded by the Blue Jays to the Mets rather than an established favorite like the Astros or Yankees. Now Stroman gets to pitch his team into the play-offs rather than piggyback his way to a championship. This is better.

    It seems like the Mets were only just in 4th place in the East, closer to last place than 3rd place, and in 14th place in the NL. Now, the Mets don’t have a hold on a wildcard berth yet, but wow, that was a quick change.

  • greensleeves

    What more does Tejada have to do to rate a call-up before September? I want him on the bench for infield utility and a bat that still knows how. Dharma counts for something. Ask Wilmer F.
    If the left handed bat of Panik sealed his deal–why is Luis G. a better reserve option LFGM!

  • Bob

    Why, it’s just Amazin’!
    Despite that horses ass manager we have who sends Stroman back out for 7th inning after the guy has pitched his heart for 6 innings out to keep Mets even and he walks lead off guy…

    But, I knew something funny was going on when I heard one of GKR mention Wilmar Flores…hmmm….started to recall 4 years ago (a Series in Aug-I think) VS DC Expos when Wilmar was gonna be traded…
    That was a Happy recap & last night’s game was a VERY HAPPY RECAP too!

    Let’s Go Mets!

  • open the gates

    … and today, Luis Guillorme did not put a possible dent in greensleeves’ argument…