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How Do I Get to Be a Midseason Acquisition?

The Earth keeps going around the sun; the Mets keep going in circles.

On Sunday night they dropped the rubber game of their series with the Red Sox in numbingly familiar fashion: no hitting, bad pitching, bad defense. To which we might add that they looked torpid and useless, trudging around morosely while being dismantled by Boston relievers no one had ever heard of. (OK, I’d heard of Joely Rodriguez. That didn’t make it better.)

If this is the setup for a wild-card run, well, it’s sure one hell of an okie-doke.

Another week of playing like … well, like the 2023 Mets ought to bring a merciful end to delusions about contention, formally shifting the conversation to what the Mets might be able to obtain as sellers. Which is … what, exactly?

Sure, someone will probably help themselves to David Robertson, and a veteran reliever such as Adam Ottavino or Brooks Raley would likely find a market. But beyond that, who wants what we’d be selling?

Who’s paying some pro-rated chunk of $43 million to watch Max Scherzer gamely explain yet again that he’s working hard on not being bad, or to see if Justin Verlander can consistently be more than a No. 4 starter? Who’s going to think they’d get a Carlos Carrasco different than the guy who was strafed at Fenway while the ESPN crew embarrassed themselves asking Rafael Devers moronic questions about ice cream? Who’s going to pay for Tommy Pham and his obviously still not healed groin? Is someone going to see Mark Canha and his middling production as a difference maker? Starling Marte can’t even endure bright light right now, to say nothing of big-league pitching.

Not even full Blow It Up mode is likely to work: What would you get for Pete Alonso given that he’s been an offensive nonentity for a month?

Rather than speculate about the depressing returns for these various old, hurt or underwhelming commodities, I’d like the Mets to consider another tack: trade me.

Think about it: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up as a fan of the Orioles or the Reds, dreaming of the postseason, marveling at your new surroundings and thinking about how you might be able to help your new club?

I don’t want to read about Double-A lottery tickets who might prove valuable if they improve their mechanics or strike-zone judgment (spoiler: they won’t). I want a reason to care about baseball and a goal that isn’t awaiting me in some other season.

Hey Steve: Trade me!

15 comments to How Do I Get to Be a Midseason Acquisition?

  • Steve R.

    I haven’t watched a single game since the All-Star break, and I believe that was the best decision I’ve made this year. I figure I’ll check back in next spring.

  • Joe D

    Fry in a package with Vogelbach and Raley for 2 prospects?

    Uncle Steve is much smarter than that; the fanbase desperately needs you right here where you belong.

  • The King

    Is there a ham sandwich available?

  • Amazin!!
    $400 million and we have nothing but a couple marketable players to barter with.
    We could blow it up and no one would notice!
    As a Met lifer, I kinda felt a little uncomfortable in the penthouse anyway. Bertha was waiting with open arms back in the old familiar neighborhood.

  • Joe D

    Ok people, perhaps we’re being a bit premature about this season’s demise?

    Just saw’s Power Rankings for week ending July 23…

    Metropolitans rocketed from #23 all the way to #22!

  • Curt Emanuel

    I was recently overseas for a month. Was worried I might miss the Mets. I didn’t.

    Have mlb tv and could have programmed it in on the smart tvs. I didn’t.

    Back home for a week now and haven’t tuned in.

    Most bad years at least we have prospects you can pay attention to. Now we have Carrasco, Scherzer and Verlander.

    Other than Alvarez has there been anything or anyone worth watching? Yeesh.

  • Seth

    I am vacationing in another country, only reading the bad news occasionally — also a very, very good decision. Maybe I shouldn’t come back until Oct 2nd.

  • Rumble

    Another great article full of creative ideas but also stepped in reality. Trade me too from the Mets, with players like Carlos Carrasco pathetically surrendering after a horrifically embarrassing outing. “I just went out there and threw strikes. There’s nothing I can do about it. They got me.” This team is ill.

  • Bob

    From the Penthouse (for 5 months a year ago to the Outhouse!)
    And only 325 million$$
    In the old days, Steve Cohen would do TV ad for Alka-Seltzer with Speedy looking like Mr. Met!

  • eric1973

    Give me 2 more games before I officially drop my delusions. Must sweep NY (AL).

    Turns out Charlie Finley had it right. Every player becomes a Free Agent after every season. Then we wouldn’t have to see most of these guys ever again.

    Failing that, Uncle Stevie can just release most of them, and just start over. Drop in the bucket for him.

    One trade I’d like to see right now:
    GKR for John Sadak, the most exciting broadcaster in baseball for the Cincinnati Reds.

    A-ROD hit it right on the head last night. While watching a grinning Lindor, he said that if HE were hitting .230, he would be angry every night. Lindor’s act is really getting tired. Go back to being the idiotic “thumbs down” guy you used to be.

    A-ROD had it right last nite

  • LeClerc

    Keep Robertson, Raley, and Ottavino.

    Bring up Mauricio. Send down Mendick.

  • Eric

    Josh Winckowski looked pretty good.

  • eric1973

    Good, maybe we can actually get something for him.

  • Matt in DE

    Since I live in their market, maybe I can get traded to the Phillies…just ignore all the Facebook “PHuck the Phillies” comments from over the years. Anyhow, well stated, blow this thing up and start fresh.

  • Greg Mitchell

    Here’s the quandary. I don’t trust Eppler in ANY scenario.

    I have been half-hoping for team to keep losing, so he doesn’t pull of more genius trade deadline moves to get help, as with a Ruf and Vogie. Let us not forget Javy Baez (who is STILL hitting .227 elsewhere with no power or walks).

    On the other hand, if you wish for fire sale, do you trust Eppler for that? Even the Great Sandy-tini could only manage worthless relief “prospects” for some of good pieces he dealt. Eppler will probably take a bag of balls for anyone. Although, in fairness, the bag might pitch better than Great Gott Almighty.