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Mets to Honor Mets' Heritage

Quick in-game break from our daily teeth-gritting to acknowledge that the New York Mets seem to have caught on after 4½ months and will be (hold on to your fedoras) honoring the heritage of the New York Mets in a well-rounded fashion. The organization with the Ebbets Field facade, the Pee Wee Reese jerseys displayed prominently in the main team store and the the Brooklyn Dodgers highlights running in a loop above the Jackie Robinson Rotunda — to say nothing of what their owned & operated farm club is doing to celebrate the existence of one of the Mets’ sworn enemies — is finally getting on the ball with a little Mets decor and even a three-day nod to that other New York National League franchise that helped pave their way.

From the horse’s mouth:

The New York Mets today announced they will honor their National League heritage by wearing throwback uniforms inspired by the turn of the century New York Giants uniforms when they play the San Francisco Giants August 14-16 at Citi Field.

The cream-colored jerseys feature an oversized blue “NY” on the front, blue and orange piping on the sleeves and a Mr. Met patch on the right sleeve.

Mets Amazin’ Memorabilia will auction off the jerseys to benefit the Mets Foundation on

In addition, the Mets have begun installation of photographic imagery of famous players and historic moments in team history on the Field and Promenade Levels as well as the display of team championship banners on the left field wall.

The Mets were created after the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants left for California following the 1957 season. Major League Baseball granted New York a National League franchise in 1960, and the Mets played their first two seasons in 1962 and 1963 at the Polo Grounds — the former home of the Giants.

One will have to inspect the installations and such, but may I say, as one of the most vociferous critics of the Mets’ one-eye-covered approach to their history, way to go team.

The throwback uni is here. The inspiration is here.

11 comments to Mets to Honor Mets’ Heritage

  • Anonymous

    I read this at work and I thought I was dreaming. This is good, but I don't have that full warm & fuzzy feeling that this will go over well without scrutiny. I can't wait to see it, and I don't have tickets again until the GKR day in October.

  • Anonymous

    1904-5, 1907, 1917-18 for that uni.
    I'll have my genuine knockoff late 40s, early 50's roady and cap for Friday.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Greg,
    While I'm glad ownership will finally make Citifield appear as the home of the Mets, I can't help feeling slighted and insulted because Citifield wasn't automaticly a Met park from the beginning.
    I applauded the idea of a Jackie Robinson rotunda to honor the memory and courage of this true hero but not to be part of a shrine to the honor the old Brooklyn Dodgers. This shows how out of touch the organization really is with the Met fan base. And that management waited more than four months (and until the ballclub went south) before responding to fan backlash makes this seem like nothing more than an empty and hollow gesture.
    Wouldn't put it past the Wilpons to add a ticket surcharge to pay for this new expense — as we've seen with the priorities they set for Citifield, ownership is less interested in the fan experience as it is the fan revenue.

  • Anonymous

    It's seems from looking at it that it would be more appropriate to say that this jersey is “inspired” by a historical jersey rather than call it a “throwback”.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That jersey is hideous. Throwback? Or throw up?

  • Anonymous

    I like the uni.
    I'm just wonering how the “Wimp”ons will fuck up the Met-morabilia displays…

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't mind a completely new uni jersey. Look at all the changes the Jints went through between 1900-1957.
    The problem with changes the Mets have made, unless you like black, is that the changes have been uninteresting.
    I have no faith the Mets will turn over a new leaf, clean house this off-season. If they do, give us a new uni with it.
    I nominate the jersey about ten images down in the right column at It's blue, it's orange and it's tough.

  • Anonymous

    Its definitely not a throwback, the guy with the post that described it as 'inspired by ' was correct..
    Maybe guys we should remind this recent generation of Met fans that this is a significant anniversary year.
    Is the team having a special day for the champs of 69' ?
    Rich P

  • Anonymous

    August 22, Nolan Ryan coming back even.

  • Anonymous

    As some of you no doubt did, I received an e-mail from the Mets a couple of months back asking me what I thought of some new uni designs. Look out for a vest with the interlocking NY (ours, not the Evil Empire's) on the chest. I think one of the minor league teams is sporting a version of it this year. Great, now we can look like the Texas Rangers.