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And I'm Feelin' Vlad All Over

I can’t believe they walked somebody to get to you.

Not The Yankees got the job done. Congratulations Texas Rangers for coming into your own. Congratulations to my favorite player who’s never been a Met, who — had free agency been more wisely deployed in the winter of 2004 — could have been a Met, who used to beat the Mets more than I cared for and is now going to his first World Series.

It’s a little late to fully introduce Vladimir Guerrero to America (especially the precincts of the nation served by Cablevision). The Vlad I always admired — whom, during his Montreal heyday, I sardonically referred to as The Greatest Player Who Ever Lived, in deference to the kudos Met announcers regularly showered on his gunk-covered helmet — isn’t around anymore. That Vlad had five, six, maybe a dozen tools. Age and injury has reduced him to a designated hitter. But when he swings, no matter what he swings at, he’s still Vlad Guerrero to me.

Ex-Expo, Ex-Angel, Never Met and now American League Champion Texas Ranger, the DH who drove in the go-ahead runs that turned the defending World Champions into last year’s news.

Which would make just about anybody my favorite player right now.

17 comments to And I’m Feelin’ Vlad All Over

  • Brilliant. He haunted the NL East as a one-man team for too long. It’s nice to see him take a victory lap with the Rangers.

  • dak442

    I know it’s petty, but, Yay!

  • Lenny65

    Went outside right after the game. Odd, isn’t it, how the air smells fresher and the starts twinkle brighter after something so objectionable and oppressive gets “shooed” away? It’s like what, four more months til pitchers & catchers??

  • Andee

    And could the last out — A-Rod being called out on strikes — have been any sweeter? I’ll bet those fans ate that up with a spork.

  • MadMagadan

    Agreed – the pillow was softer, the sleep was sounder, the sports section of the newspaper this morning all the more enjoyable referring to the $210 million Bronx Bust. Was that a blue bird chirping on my shoulder? Was that an extra kick in my step?

  • Florida Met Fan Rich

    ABY-Anbody But Skankees!!!

    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

    113 Days till Spring Training, but whose counting!…PSL here I come!!

    Now all we need is a GM, Manager and some players.

    Put me in coach, Im ready to play!!

  • Rob D.

    There’s the little matter of the Phillies still being in it..I’d actually like the Giants (NL rooter that I am) to win it…how bad would THAT stick in Freddie’s and Jeffy’s craw?

  • dmg

    not only did today get better, the entire offseason got lighter and brighter. no parades or public displays of garish skank apparel or behavior to endure. while i’m rooting for Not the Phillies, i have to admit i don’t mind as much what happens in that series. The bigger dragon has already been nicely filleted.

  • Jon Shafran

    Great to see the Rangers win !! What moves Jon Daniels made including Vlad, Lee and Molina. He traded Texeira a couple of years ago and got 2 prospects that have come up big (Feliz and Andrus). Mets need a GM who can pull off some of these moves and yes I feel the same way about Vlad I would’ve loved to see him at Shea

  • MetsFan4Decades

    Somewhere you know, ‘The Bronx is Burning’.

    For me, it’s not over until the Giants finish off the Phillies. Then I’ll be all set to enjoy a Rangers/Giants WS, even thought the Mets have been long gone.

    • dmg

      guess it’s ovah now.
      (drink your big black cow and get outta here!)
      the giants win the pennant! they’re going crazy!

  • dak442

    Well, baseball season certainly took a turn for the better in late October.

  • Shea80

    This has got to be a sign that things are starting to turn around.

  • NotTheYankees @ NotThePhillies = Best Metless World Series Possible.

  • The one free agent they didn’t get because of fear of injury never got signifcantly hurt and was incredibly productive. He would have been the greatest position player the Mets ever had. Ack. If Omar was still in charge, he’d wait two more seasons and then sign him to 3 yrs / 35 mil.