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The Wrong Season

Perhaps it’s this miserable cold I’ve contracted and can’t divest myself of, or it’s the impending winter solstice (you mean it’s still fall?) but something overwhelming has occurred to me this evening:

I don’t care what the Mets are doing at the moment.

I will care. Of course I’ll care, but for now, I’ve run out of care. I don’t care who they’re looking at to fill out the rotation or to play second. I don’t care about trade rumors or how much budget they have to tinker with. I don’t care how poorly they frame themselves or present themselves or what kind of ticket deals they’re offering.

I’ve OD’d on year-round Mets coverage, my own included. It used to be if you came across a baseball brief in the fourth week of December, no matter how brief, no matter what it was about (but especially if it was about your team), you felt blessed. “They’ve extended their affiliate agreement with Visalia? WOW!” Now we grow antsy if there’s “no news” about the Mets on a given day.

Of course there’s no news. It’s the fourth week of December. If it was news, it would have happened by now. Or if it’s going to be news, it will happen eventually. Either way, the season will begin when it’s supposed to begin, not a tick sooner. Maybe if a boffo free agent were still prowling the open market, I could buy into the chronic curiosity, but there’s nobody out there worth losing a minute’s thought over on December 21 or December 22. You’re going to hit refresh for the latest word or lack thereof on Chris Young? Or Jeff Francis? Or Freddy Garcia?

Don’t. Winter is nature’s way of telling you not to give a fig sometimes.

13 comments to The Wrong Season

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  • Inside Pitcher

    Feel better Greg!

  • March'62

    Get better soon buddy. Spring is right around the corner so hang in there.

  • Florida Met Fan Rich

    Take the next 53 days off until Spring Training starts!

    I bet there will be alot more time “Not to Care” during the 2011 season, as we are mathematically elimininated by JUNE!

    I suggest if you want a ticket plan to get the “April Package”

  • Dak442

    It’s tough when you get buttonholed by fellow fans who want to talk about what the Mets should do next. More so this year than usually, because there really ISN’T much for them to do. The roster is more or less locked up, there are no big deals or signings on the horizon, there isn’t a whole lot of optimism for 2011.

  • Joe D.


    Feel better soon and don’t let Steph catch your cold. MJ has one right now and we’re being cautious as not to get this original new breeder ill along with her.

    As far as the Mets, you’re not alone. When they didn’t attempt to re-sign Feliciano and signed one just two years his junior in order to save $1.4 million or so annually, one knows things must be bad for in baseball terms, $1.4 million is petty cash for most clubs.

    Again, feel better and stay away from Stephanie.

  • Thanks to all for the “get better” wishes. The cold hit that turning point moment yesterday at which you’re down six in the fourth, but you’ve just put a three-spot on the board and at least you have hope that maybe you’ll get back in the game (unlike the 2011 Mets…but oh boy, there’s a plan, so just be sure to stay alive to 2012, maybe 2013).

    Anyway, upgraded from miserable to lousy. Say, now there’s a marketing slogan!

  • John Isom

    miserable cold + (so many hours in the day * so many days in the week) – internal storehouse of care (currently out of stock) = need for hibernation

    maybe some non-mets-broth chicken soup, too. along with hitting the off button rather than the refresh button.

    feel better, but rest now.

  • March'62

    To help keep our eyes on the prize, who do you think is throwing out the first pitch at the home opener?

  • Based on the schedule, which includes an off day the previous week, I’d say R.A. Dickey.

    Unless you mean ceremonially. Because it’s the 25th anniversary of our last championship (sigh), I’ll go with restored first base coach Mookie Wilson and, maybe as a novelty (and because he should be there as an announcer with the visiting Nationals, Ray Knight.

    Come to think of it, whatever else they have to do that day in their lives, why not bring in Kevin Mitchell and Gary Carter to join them in a tenth-inning salute?

  • Hear hear! (Or is it here here? Nobody ever tells me)

    I’m with you. As many reservations as I have about Sandy, I couldn’t be happier with his patient approach. It’s honestly nice to have no Mets news right now. It means they’re not screwing up.